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Hrm Informations

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Career Opportunities

Qualified graduates may hold positions such as: front office supervisor, housekeeping supervisors, supervisors and assistant managers in food and beverage operations, coordinators in human resources, marketing and sales. Many graduates hold senior management positions in hotels and restaurants in Europe, USA, Asia and the Caribbean.

Exchange Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to study and travel overseas. Study abroad experiences are undertaken with international universities and colleges in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean.

Transfer Options

* Qualified graduates of this program may be eligible to apply their academic credits toward further study at many postsecondary institutions.

* Travel benefits, such as reduced rates for transportation and accommodations, attract many people to this occupation.

* Training at a postsecondary vocational school or college or university is increasingly important for getting a job.

* New developments in Internet technology, allowing people to access travel information from their personal computers and make their own travel arrangements, will limit the need for travel agents in the future.

* Small businesses account for 94 percent of the travel and tourism industry, but "small" does not equal insignificant:

Demands and Challenges

Before and Post Graduate

* Difficult to find Jobs / Job Opportunity is not that high. Especially in the Philippines, it is very hard to find a hotel or restaurant in which you could be happy about your job. Internationally, job opportunity is fair.

* Salary is quite low especially on your first few months / years. Salary ranges from as low as 10,000* - 80,000* (Most of the time)

* Quality of Education. School you study at. There are only few HRM schools which secure you a job after graduating. Also, most of HRM schools in the Philippines aren't very high when it comes to standard and global competitiveness.


* Natural disasters can cause damage to the property or surrounding area causing people to choose other locations for vacation/business.

* Economic downturn. If people don't have disposable income they may vacation less hurting the tourism industry.

* Political unrest. People may choose to go elsewhere if the political culture is unstable

* Handling inattentive staff leading to a poor customer satisfaction

* The range of facilities offered by the hotel such as conferencing, room service, client base, continuation of service beyond first meeting.

* How do you make the customer feel that they would want to return.

* Too much Competition from other hotels.

* Decline in reservations in the rooms department, convention department, or dining areas

* Dirty hotel rooms or lobbies

* Poor management

* Lack of employee moral

* Rising expenditures

* Insufficient amenities

* Bad location

* Poor service

* Deterioration of facilities

* Finding ways to attract customers.

* when its tourism season you can do alright if the rooms are fully stocked nowadays, clean rooms, rugs vacuumed, the bathrooms fully stocked, a friendly desk clerk must rehears, women seem to make the best during the day time put the men on over night, the food is so lousy in these places, helpful room service if any, the front entrances in some of these places looks like a zoo finger prints al over the front doors, filthy, and it seems as thou on weekends nothing is right in these place.

* Time of Work. Work Time varies widely. Hotels run 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. Your work may be at midnight; at early morning; at day; at afternoon etc. So you need to balance time.

* You need to be emotionally stable. Customers may be sometimes rude and may say negative things about you and the hotel. You need not to be furious and just let them enjoy their stay. Just disregard what they



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