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How the Technology Has Changed the Way of Business Communication at Hemas Pharmaceuticals

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Essay Preview: How the Technology Has Changed the Way of Business Communication at Hemas Pharmaceuticals

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How the technology has changed the way of Business Communication at Hemas Pharmaceuticals

Introduction - Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Developments in information and communication technology and digital integration have increasingly reshaped business communication. Technology is continuously bringing innovative means for today’s business communication. The availability and convergence of mobile communication technology and the Internet are now creating a platform that enables group communication which is covering many participants through shared spaces in virtually any geographic location. Also business organizations use a broad range of technologies to organizational design and work practices, such as manage information, redesigned business processes, conduct operations, deliver services and broader decision-making authority.

Now-a-days Information and communication technology significantly influence the business performances. More powerful relationships between information &communication technology and business performance have been founded with the use of new information technologies, such as mobile phones, internet, Email, Blogs, intranet, fax, satellite communication etc… These rapidly changing and developing technologies are bringing about revolutionary changes in the field of business communication. All modern communication technology is closely connected with electronics. So new electronic devices such as laptops, palmtop computers (Personal digital assistants/PDAs), Satellite phones, and Smart phones have also brought about a revolution in business communication.

Business organizations themselves have also begun to invest more heavily in information and communication technology. Due to globalization, businesses have to compete with competitors not only from their own country but also from other countries. So businesses have to use communication technology more effectively to compete with other business firms and achieve their organizational goals. One of the primary purposes of investment in information and communication technology systems by businesses is to add real economic value to their businesses. So businesses need to choose the right communication technologies and adapt to their business operations.

The Role of ICT in the Pharmaceutical Distribution

Pharmaceutical distributors are involved in many business activities such as sales and distribution, inventory management and warehousing, delivery and transport, tendering and financing, with many other value added services across a systematic and integrated operation.
During these business activities, companies apply information and communication technology to assist their tasks. As a pharmaceutical distributor, Primary task is to plan the sales and distribution process and it is changing with the use of ICT. Every pharmaceutical company currently focuses on teams which consist of professionally trained and technically competent employees. The ICT used by Pharmaceutical companies to communicate with medical practitioners and other clients is linked to delivering a service, because it enables them to carry out the activity effectively and on time. So communication technology has had a profound impact on the way in which the pharmaceutical sales force operates. Also Communication technologies such as internet, intranets, emails, voice mail systems allow employees in the field such as medical representatives to be in contact with their head offices clients and medical practitioners.

Advantages of ICT in pharmaceutical Distribution

  • The new communication technology, such as e-mail, is fast and inter-active, and brings about rapid and accurate communication to build strong relationship with clients and global business partners.
  • Pharmaceutical sales representatives rely on new information and communication technology to reach the medical practitioner, to detail products, and to make presentations more interesting using improved audio-visual technology
  • Pharmaceutical distributors expand the transaction of the business by making electronic catalogues available, doing tele-marketing and doing direct sales via the Internet.  
  • ICT allow employees of pharmaceutical companies to update with latest information by access into management information systems of the companies. This utilizes the same source of information, which brings about the effective functioning of the organization.  

Introduction to the company - Hemas Pharmaceuticals

Hemas Pharmaceuticals is Sri Lanka's pre-eminent Pharmaceutical distribution company with a 17.55% market share, constantly endeavoring to deliver the latest and best quality medicines to its clients. Hemas has partnered with 26 world-renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Astra Zeneca, Abbott, Getz Pharma, Leo Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser and more. Hemas has business relationships with them over several decades. Sales and distribution network of Hemas with a workforce of over 600 employees reaches every corner of the country, while facilitating ethical promotion and marketing of medicines to Sri Lankan medical professionals and the healthcare industry.

Hemas Pharmaceuticals consists of Over 300 medical representatives who specialized in marketing. Also their officers work on a 24x7 basis. Sales are directly undertaken by 35 sub-distributors around Sri Lanka by a dedicated team, and also through the National Sales Force. Also Hemas has rapid delivery service to over 2300 pharmacies which is backed by the best Supply Chain services in the industry in Sri Lanka.

Hemas with the latest Information and Communication Technology

Hemas has coupled its expertise with modern communication technology. Hemas has introduced palmtop devices to its sales force to automate Order Canvassing and other key sales force functions including the gathering and dissemination of market intelligence. Also Hemas is equipped with the world’s most advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution - SAP. The introduction of SAP to the organization has ensured efficient workflow practices resulting in timely services to its principals enhancing its competitive advantage. Company also implemented modern re-distribution software backed by an innovative mobile e-commerce solution. It is empowering business partners with more accurate and detailed up-to-date information which may be viewed via a web-based system that captures product-wise sales details up to the pharmacy level. This information is available online to all relevant Hemas and Principal Staff as well as to the Principals' offices located in any part of the world. Also Hemas pharmaceuticals has provided an Electronic Contact System to clients to maintain a better business relationship.



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