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How We Live

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Admirable Person

Taylor Swift is someone I consider to be admirable and inspiring. I look up to her because among her admirable qualities she writes music her fans and I can relate to, she also has managed to stay grounded regardless of her fame, and lastly I admire her ambition and motivation, which is why she has become the successful musician she is today. All these characteristics make her a unique celebrity, and an amazing role model.

To me, the word admirable means someone who deserves or inspires admiration. Taylor swift is the perfect example of someone who displays admiring traits. Taylor is a country artist, who I happen to believe is one of the most talented songwriters in the music industry. It is easy to understand that not everyone likes country music but Taylor Swift has more to her music than just the country style. Taylor Swift made country music cool for a whole new generation of fans. US Weekly editor Lisa Finkel says, "A lot of young people weren't paying much attention to country music until Taylor Swift came along." She has a way of making her music easy to listen to and easy to relate to. For example, throughout high school I dealt with bullying. After a bad day, I would come home and put her album on and I automatically felt better. She's taught me through her lyrics to stay positive and that the best years of my life are still ahead of me. Her songs are her personal life lessons and they showed me that I wasn't the only one who goes through rough times. Whether it's about growing up, heartbreaks, or revenge, Taylor devotes a lot of her time on making sure she writes what she's feeling and what she believes in. Her song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" has become an anthem for all the jilted girls all over the world. It immediately energizes any broken hearted girl. Her graciousness and passion for music shows in her songwriting and it inspires me to be kind and as motivated as her. I obviously don't know her personally but she lets me and her fans get to know her through her music. When I listen to her music, I can feel how she felt when she wrote it and I can translate them back to my life. Her lyrics are life lessons and stories put into songs.

Taylor is unbelievably grounded for being a celebrity. Regardless of being a sensational success she's still a normal girl trying to share her feelings and talent with the world. Taylor is the first female solo artist to have written all the songs on her platinum-selling debut. She was also named Billboard's Woman Of The Year in 2011. I admire how she was capable of accomplishing all that, and she's only 21 years old. She devotes a lot of her time to be with her family and her fans. Despite her busy schedule, she still stays levelheaded and is never too busy to make a kind gesture. For example, at the third annual 'Stand Up to Cancer' telethon, Taylor devoted a song to a 4-year-old boy who died last year of neuroblastoma. Once the song went up for sale, she also made sure the proceeds go straight to cancer-related charities. I've never heard of a celebrity being as popular and busy as she is, still make time for such kind gestures. Commitment to a good cause is so important in her life. Most celebrities nowadays take advantage of their fame and resort to drugs and exposing themselves. Taylor told Rolling Stone magazine that she's never experimented with cigarettes or drunk even a bit of alcohol. She continues to prove that she can be successful and still make good decisions, oppose to turning to the negativity that surrounds fame sometimes. She has won the respect of parents with her smart, responsible actions. She knows and understands that with fame comes responsibility. Taylor has insisted that she's not going to allow herself to use her age or her fame as an excuse to live on the wild side. Taylor being a good example for young girls is admirable.



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