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How Appropriate Is "life Is Beautiful" ?

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Essay Preview: How Appropriate Is "life Is Beautiful" ?

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I know people would think that it was inappropriate to make a comedy about a carnage time period; however, I think it has merit . People that would know very little about the Holocaust learn more from the movie. Plus it is more appealing to the average person that is not a history buff. And it is a great story about a man who uses humor to get his son, and him, through a rough time. And overall I thought that it was great. A comedic spin on a tragic event brought to people's attention an important part of history, that should not be forgotten.

There are be people out there who find history boring, or who just do not like to be entertained by depressing thoughts such as the holocaust. This movie helps people learn about the tragedy, without being overflowed with tears, or bored to death. I believe that people would be more intrigued with something like this rather than a depressing story that makes you feel really guilty about taking your life for granted. This is a better way of learning, and entertaining people about a milestone in history.

The whole theme of the story was powerful though. It is a man who uses humor to get his family through some tough situations. He does not want to destroy the innocence of his son, so he tells him elaborate lies that keep growing until the end of the movie. The whole time he is trying to make people laugh and make merry even through the terrible things that they had endure. It shows that a man's optimism is stronger than what he can be up against. That in itself was a great theme to center a movie around, especially when the movie is suppose to have the same clichй theme that is make you feel grateful about your friends and family. Rather, it makes you question what you would do under the same circumstances, and ask yourself if you would act like he did. I felt that this was a great theme to revolve a movie around. And though he did not illustrate all the incredibly harsh things that went on the concentration camps he still presented a message that meant more.

By the time this movie was made people have just suffered enough and were probably not in the mood to watch sad movies, but I think this was very unique and bold for his day. I commend him for writing movie that could cause so much controversy. This event in history has been made into movies and books alike, but I think that this one, above all, stands out beyond the rest for his creativeness, and



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