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Hot Humid Night

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On a humid June night, I decided to go for a ride after putting a brand new pipe on my brother's four-wheeler. I took off on the four-wheeler traveling down the road for a soda. My best friend, Jim was following me in the truck to check how fast I was going.

I was driving down county road 70 as I got to the end; I came to a stop to ask Jim how fast did I go. He said "you hit 75mph strait and 80 going down hills". Then I tossed Jim my helmet and said it is way hot for this sweat box. Then Jim took off down the road and I road the ditch.

I crossed the road to get over to the bridge; I started driving in the cat walk. As I was driving through

I slid in to the one side of the wall, witch broke the tie rod. I went slamming back and forth between the walls of the bridge. Next thing the wheeler cocked side ways in the bridge and I went flying. I hit the ground so hard it knocked me out cold.

I was out for one hour and half, then I woke up and walk down busy road all covered in blood no one stopped to help me. I got to Citgo and called Jim. I said I think I am going to be late for work. Jim said "you don't have to be to work for 12 hours". I said I think I need help then, Jim said "were you". I said there is tar in front of me. Well Jim came and found me called the ambulance. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital broken arm and bad head and skin injury.

This was life changing for me because I never really cared before, about

This was a hard way to find out the people who truly cared about me, but I am a better person because of it. I now understand that life is unpredictable and teaches you lessons all along the way, when you're ready and even more when you're not.



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