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Himalya Mall Ahmedabad

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Year 2017-18









If there’s one place on Drive-in road, which is hip and happening, then it’s got to be Himalaya Mall. The reason for its popularity is that it’s a compact mall with stores that appeal to everyone. You name it and this mall has it. It’s got a departmental store, a multiplex, restaurants, food court, fast food chains, coffee shop, electronic stores, apparel brans, sports brands, home furnishing stores, salon, bookstore etc. There is something, which will appeal to every member of the family. Popular brands present at this mall include Big Bazaar, Big Cinemas, Crossword, Croma, Peter England, McDonalds, Adidas, ALL, Planet M, Enrich etc.

It’s a practical mall in more ways than one. To begin with, it has a basement parking with capacity of over 230 cars and 700 two-wheelers. For the convenience of the shoppers there are 7 escalators and 5 lifts. They have also considered the needs of handicap shoppers and have created special ramps and restrooms for them. Moreover, the layout of the mall is such that it will not tire elderly shoppers. Unlike other malls, navigation within this mall is fairly simply and convenient. Also, in the main atrium area they have enough benches for shoppers to sit and relax.

If you look at the architecture of the mall, then it is one of a kind. The atrium space is really huge and they have stores on multiple levels including the mezzanine levels of the mall, which gives a nice visual treat. Also, the roof of the mall is clear glass which always a lot ofnatural sunlight to enter the mall and light up the space. To counter the heat caused by the direct sunlight, efficient air conditioning system is installed at the mall that makes sure the mall is always pleasant for shopping. On an average, the walk-ins on a weekday are about 13000 people that increase to 80000 people on the weekends.

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The mall culture has become a big business, as they have become multi-story structures that house a large number of shops selling various products and services. They are a collection of shops and restaurants, adjacent to the pedestrian zone or an exclusive pedestrian street. In 1928, The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island was the first to introduce the concept of a shopping canter in the United States. However, the concept was not new, if one takes into account the cover, multi-vendor commercial Isfahan, Iran Grand Bazaar in the 10th century.

In this article, we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of shopping centres malls as from visitors perspective and a business perspective. We will also leave a link to the continuation of the article to help you to understand deeply. So here are Advantages & Disadvantages of Shopping Centers

Availability of parking

Parking is one of the main problems of the people who go to the city to buy. Buying in malls eliminates this problem because parking is offered for free or for a nominal fee. Shopping malls incorporate ample parking in its design and construction. This makes it advantageous for people who choose to shop there instead of a single store. Families who decide to visit a shopping mall on the weekend or on a holiday for a family outing is because it is a more convenient option especially because parking is provided.

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 A stop at the shopping and entertainment

Visiting a mall is advantageous because the shops are housed in a complex. Groceries, clothes, shoes, reading material, food courts, cinemas, and entertainment are available in one place. You can spend a whole day at the mall, shop, dine, watch a movie or play games. They are great meeting places for friends to catch up over coffee or a meal in the food court. Families arrive for their weekly shopping, collecting junk and keep the kids entertained at the mall.

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One of the main disadvantages of the malls is drawbacks. These include overcrowding, especially on weekends and holidays. Sometimes it seems that everyone has the same idea and go to the mall. The corridors and crowded stores make shopping very difficult, people often end up forgetting the items they need to buy. Older people with mobility problems may have difficulty passing through the shopping center, due to the breadth of the place. Parking can also be a problem when the mall is very busy.


Shopping malls are a waste of resources

The malls have a large number of products and services. It is not always easy to go to a mall and leave with only what you came to buy. The temptation to see is always present and often leads to buying things that are not necessary. Keeping a monthly budget is becoming increasingly difficult to go to the mall. With all sales and specials designed to tempt buyers, say “no” becomes very difficult.


  • Daily footfalls in Himalaya mall Ahmadabad

Below shown graphs is represents the daily footfalls of public in Himalaya mall from Monday to Sunday.



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