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At the Mall with No Money

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No money, No Problem

People are always looking for something fun to do, that doesn't cost a lot of money. I happen to have a solution, and one of my personal favorites, for you. When you here, "a day at the mall", you probably think, shopping, walking, crowds, stress, and spending too much money. The mall is much more than that. Anyone can make their day at the mall quite an adventure.

For you ladies, one fun thing to do is; go into one of the fancy dress stores; gather up a bunch of glamorous, way too expensive, dresses in your size; go into the dressing room and have a fun fashion show with you and your friends. Try on the lovely gowns, accessorize, and take pictures. I have done this quite a few times and it never fails to entertain me and my gal pals.

Another fun thing to do, especially for the guys, is to go into the video game stores, and play all the demo games. Have competition with your buds and stay until they kick your butt out! For you people who like to exercise, fast pace walking around the mall might tickle your fancy, and you can finish off by going into sears and working out on the demonstration treadmills and stair steppers. There are many more activities to do at the mall, when you don't want to spend money. These are just a few of my favorites, so I thought I would share them with you, in hopes that you might try them out and like them just as much as I do.



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