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Hi There My Name Is Sofia and Here Is a Poem.

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Essay Preview: Hi There My Name Is Sofia and Here Is a Poem.

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Hi there.

My name is sofia and here is a poem:

Floating up on the surface,

Just one person among a thousand,

Each with their own feasting thoughts,

Questions swallowed by the sea,

who hesitates not to make you weep.

Who knows what I have been through, I asked you.

And you said simply that a thousand birds may sing my song but not one will truly understand.

And as they perch upon a branch,

Above the ocean oh so wide,

They watch me float but not for long,

for soon my thoughts might overcome,

the strength I own to live to see,

And drag me down so that I sink, in a bed of flowers so to speak.

Written back when I was a wee thing questioning my sexuality. (It was discovered that I am in fact rather bi)

This is not meant to be good it is just a poem I created once.

I have always been a little insecure in myself as I had open heart surgery a couple of times leaving my body scarred and me self conscious. One day after a night of crying I woke up and just decided that you know what I looked great. Body positivity does wonders.

Speaking of which, you ever noticed how plastic surgery is just a well thought out cycle. By which I mean a few social influencers get plastic surgery due to their personal insecurities (no judgement by the way) and they set unrealistic expectations for their millions of followers, who then decide that because they can’t achieve it by exercising or dieting, they will get plastic surgery too. These inrealistic expectations continue to cause more and more insecurities and this the business of plastic surgery is booming.



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