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Underneath her bracelets,

Her arm tells a tale.

Of all the bloody nightmares,

Inside a girl so frail.

Everyday she wishes,

For her pain like scars to fade.

And everyday she wishes,

Her life will turn a brighter shade.

God must keep those wishes,

Locked in an impossible cage.

Wishes impossible to grant,

She is impossible to save.

All the days she lives,

She wishes them away.

Hating the life she leads,

Dying more every day.

Save me someone please,

From the nothing I've become.

And please don't let my seams,

Ever again become undone.

Sew them with a thread,

Of love and of care.

And whilst you are sewing,

Promise you'll be there..

I can't stop thinking about it,

It's always on my mind.

It's haunting me day and night,

I'm trying to leave this pain behind.

I'm better off this way,

I'm sorry to those who care.

Remember the times I was happy,

I'm sorry, but to me, life just wasn't fair.

I can't remember when this started,

But I know it was long ago.

I've been like this for so long,

Now it's time to let go.

When I'm gone,

Please don't cry.

I did this to



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