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Hector’s Gaming Company

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Paul Lopez




Chapter 2 case: Hector’s Gaming Company

        The major problem at HGC is that there is no leadership by Peters. She does not have control of the top level talent of HGC that has their own agenda with an international business

Game for college students. The problem with Peters is that she has not been able to set everyone’s agenda to meet hers. The vision or market niche of the company is not in college gaming students, especially college students. So what I suggest as consultant is to make it clear to everyone that the company sticks to one vison and market niche and since 15 new people will be hired they need to be see that you as a company have a communication amongst one another to be one the same page. The new hires will need to be used as productively as possible and the only way that is possible is if there are policies put in place to ensure that they are not misused. To put the policies in place I would suggest a very clear policy statement be made clear to everyone on staff at HGC. The competition is an issue that can only be made a crucial issue to the company if the company does not stop the problem. Lack of leadership and a strong infrastructure within the company is going to cause everyone to pursue their own agenda. The cause pf the problem is that the founder Sally Peters needs to take control of her company and not let anyone within it make any agenda’s that do not match the vision of the company.

Action Plan: Sally Peters must take control as founder of the company and build a strong communication with her employees.



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