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Hcs 449 - Health Care Industry

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Health Care Industry


January 14, 2013

Health Care Industry

The topic of this paper is on the health care industry. Health care is relatively important to the world and it changes yearly. The main points I intend discussing in this paper are how has health care changed in the last ten years, what I think will be the biggest change in health care in the next 10 years. What role I plan to have in the health care industry, and how I will adapt my skills to develop alongside the industry's needs. I will also cover my perception of how the health care has changed over the course of my program, and what has had the most influential impact. The role technology will pay in the health care organizations in the coming decade and the financial and economic issues that will affect the health care industry in the next 10 years.

The health care has made numerous changes the last 10 years. Changes have been big but also little and have made an impact on the populations. Some of the changes that have taken place in the health care industry are the rising of health care cost and the new technology. It is said that 20 years ago health cost was $2800 person. 10 years ago it cost $4700 per person, and four years ago the cost was $7500 per person (Chideya, F, 2012). 10 years ago we did not have electronical medical records everything was done on paper still, computers were not used as they are today we did not have e-prescribing.

The biggest changes in the next 10 years for the health care I think will happen will be possibly lowering the health care costs. Health care cost has been on the rise for some time and something needs to be done about it. People cannot afford to pay their bills and their health care at the same time. Some people have no insurance coverage because he or she cannot afford it. This is where the health care reform comes into play, I think we will see more of this also in the next 10 years considering there is so much debate over it. The health care reform is suppose to help every person in the United States get health care insurance or make it more affordable. The debate is rather it puts the United States in more debt or not that both parties the democrats and republicans have different points of view. This will always take place by both parties.

The role I plan on acquiring in the health care industry is to work with employees in a happy and safe work environment, work with patients medical records and keep the patients health information and personal information safe from those who have no right to the information. Managing the health care facility in the best way I know how with what I have learned throughout my schooling. Basically just making sure the area I am working in or managing in runs as smooth as possible and limiting any mistakes that can be made. I know mistakes will be made but my plan is to handle them in the proper way. Also, making sure I respect everyone around me and those I come into contact with.

To adapt my skills to develop with the health care industry's needs will be a little uneasy at first but I think with patience I can do and will do it. I started school with no work background in the health care field and believe that I have the knowledge to take the health care industry on even though I have no experience in this type of industry. One needs will be continuing to learn after all the health care industry needs people that are willing to learn and try new things such as procedures, or technology. Making sure everything is done accordingly and helping the needs of the health care industry with showing that I do have quality care in mind not just for the patients, but the industry as well.

My perception of the health care industry has changed over changed over the course of my program. What I mean is I had no idea so much had to be learned from the terminology of disease that I always thought only certain areas of the health care industry had to learn to the compliance of the HIPAA. I think the most significant impact is the HIPAA, it provides millions of American workers and their families health insurance coverage when they change or lose his or her jobs. It reduces health care fraud and abuse on a patient, has standards that need to be followed when concerning electronic billing and other



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