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Hate Crimes

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Mechellai Sims


November 18, 2015

Professor Brown

Hate Crime

Hate crimes are not new to our society it has always been around. Hate crimes has always had a big impact in peoples community. In certain community’s many people have feared the fact of getting beat up, or even killed because of something that is out of there control such as sexuality, religion and race. Many people in this world have been hurt by these problems on a daily base. This leads us to hate crimes. When describing a hate crimes there are serval laws and terms for understating a hate crime. Hate crimes are also committed against certain people in this world. Hate crimes will affect a person life in a big way from destroying yourself, families, and you’re community. A hate crime is a crime or a threat towards a person because of their race, religion. Ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

Hate crimes generally discuss the criminal act that has been motivated through the bias against one or more types such as race, religion. Ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.  According to Siegel Hate crimes are defined as “acts of violence or intimidation designed to terrorize of frighten people”. ( Siegel, 2015). Hate crimes can affect how people live on a daily bases. There are four major hate crimes are: Thrill-seeking hate crime, reactive Hate crimes, retaliatory Hate crimes and Mission Hate crimes. With these four major hate crimes they all have their own purpose that’s what makes them different, with them being different and having their own perspective it still makes the victim terrorized and scared. These type of aspect will fear someone, and their community. According to Moore (2015), stated that “all verbal threats of violence, can fear someone and the community”. Hate crimes can verbally damage someone life forever. In our society people tend to use hurtful words about their race, religion. Ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. With that being said it can damage a person and their community because of their fear of getting hurt.

In my own option I believe that if someone is attacking you for race, religion, gender or you’re sexuality by a hate crime then they should be punished. However, if it’s just some hurtful words about a person race, religion, gender or their sexuality then I don’t believe they should be punished. Yes, what they are doing is wrong but if they are not about to kill you then they should not be punish. This type of hate crimes can commonly hurt someone just by use of words because they are a certain race, they have different religion. From an article: San Jose state students were charged because he was black student. ( Martinez 2013) stared that a student was being bullied because of his race. The other students will tease him, through things at him, make him feel worthless. His roommates attacked him on a daily bases.  In our society today racism still exist, were black kids are constantly being picked on because of their skin color. People should never be treated any differently because of their race, religion, gender or their sexuality. People who commit these type of crimes should be punished.



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