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Hatchet Case

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The Hatchet is about a 13 year old boy (Brian Robeson) who takes a single engine plane to see his father that's working in the canadian oil fields. Suddenly, (very unexpectedly) the Pilot suffers from a Heart Attack and passes out.`` Brian decides to take over the plane and the plane crashed somewhere in the Canadian Wilderness, `` He now is TOTALLY alone with a 20 dollar bill, `` a quarter, `` 3 dimes ``, a nickel ``, two pennies, `` useless papers, `` a fingernail clipper ``, and a Hatchet that his mom had given him before the flight. `` He has to survive for 50 days until he finally got rescued by the 2nd rescue plane that has come along since the crash.` ` I once had that feeling where there was no hope, on my first time sailing the people just pushed me alone out to sea and I had no idea what I was doing or what I was supposed to do. My boat tipped over and I didn't know what to do and I just felt like crying when this guy came in a motorboat came and helped me. But that is different from Brian's story, I was 2 only 700m away from civilization; I could have swum back!

At the beginning of the story Brian was kind of immature by not being happy about what he has or what he gets, for example, he got the hatchet from his mother and didn't think positively. He only thought "oh, what will I ever do with this piece of junk?" while he should have been thinking, "Oh gee ``, this would really help me in the oil fields!" ``. `` I once got this hideous pink dress with roses on it for my 10th birthday and it is literarily HIDEOUS! She gave it to me proudly and talked about when she saw it in the store she pictured me wearing it and knew it would be the perfect present. I didn't want to hurt her feeling so I kindly accepted it and said thank you and pretended that it was the best dress ever and wore it for the rest of the day. That was kind of like Brian because he still accepted it politely; I found this on page 9 where it says "but her voice was thin, had a sound like something thin that would break if you touched it, and he felt bad for not speaking to her. and so to humor her he loosened his belt and pulled the right side out and put the hatchet on and rethreaded the belt." Brian was mad at his mom because his mom and caused the secret that had caused the divorce ; `` Brian ignores him mom and that is very rude even though he is mad at her. My evidence is chapter 1 page 9 where it clearly states "And he would have normally said no, would normally have said that it looked too hokey to have a hatchet on the belt". ``

Luckily, he changed after his weeks in the wilderness ``. He changes Physically by becoming skinnier from the hunger and stronger from the work. `` I know that he got skinnier because when he looked into the water in the Epilogue page 192 paragraph 2 where it states "`` During that time he had lost 17 ``% of his body weight. `` He later gained back 6% ``, but had virtually no body fat -- his body had consumed all extra weight and he would remain lean and wiry for several years." ``. He got stronger by carrying wood and throwing spears starting from chapter 11.`` I have never experienced anything like this but you do get stronger from doing things that need muscles; My sister went to gymnastics camp for 2 weeks and when she came back she was as skinny as a pancake and her arms were as hard as titanium.

Brian changes mentally by saving up all the good stuff for the future and appreciating what he has. `` My sister always saves up everything but she totally exaggerates. She saves up all her candy in a drawer and the last time I sneaked in there it smelled so rotten and all the chocolate was melted! The cookies were molded and the gummy bears were covered with dust. Well Brian saves things fresh like when he saves stuff up by keeping fish in a net (shown in chapter 14 page 135-136) and by burying the eggs for the next day and only eating 1 `` per day, (Chapter 10) ``. He also appreciates what he has by remembering what his old teacher (Perpich) had said and about how every single thing counts. Found on page 49-50 where it states "Brian once had an english teacher, a guy called Perpich, who was always talking about being positive, thinking positive, staying on top of things."



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