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Harley-Davidson Strategic Plan and Self-Reflection Summary

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Essay Preview: Harley-Davidson Strategic Plan and Self-Reflection Summary

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Executive Summary

In order for Harley-Davidson (HD) to fall under competition in the future, HD must keep up with their strategic direction and modify it according to what there is in the market. When you go worldwide HD has many opportunities where they can continue growing. If they expand in the global market with new products, they will see how HD can continue to grow in a long term period of time. The future looks bright if they follow the right direction.

When it comes to the global economy there are sign of growth by focusing on the brand and continuing creating the right product for HD. When HD creates the right product then they can utilize it in the market. Harley-Davidson is described as powerful by customers, they use their product and see the power they offer in HD product. Many have compared them to their competition but feel HD has more power than them.

In the process HD wants to expand in other market segments it would be possible to achieve it. They must have the right focus and be organized in order to achieve this goal. There should be assigned teams with structure in every departments. They must have the right strategy to see the right results in the future. A key point is to also have the right leadership. Having the right leadership can help the organization take the right steps into the new markets. It takes the right creations to provide the right image for consumers to be surprised.

Harley-Davidson can always transform its company brand to survive any obstacles along the way. It is known to be a top performing industry leader that is independent and has a positive outlook and strategy.

Current Global Economy

Harley Davidson economy grew from 2008 to 2010 after the global recession. In figure 1 it shows how it dropped and then picked up in 2009. Also in 2012 it dropped again and then picked a year later.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (2013) the world economies are forecast to grow at a pace of 3.0 and 3.3 per cent for 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Figure 1. Graph of world GDP from mid-2008 to mid-2013.

Motivations for Expansion

The organization of HD has no problem in having consumer’s purchase their products since they have the right products. Harley Davidson is known worldwide and can reach out to everyone in a wider demographic. Harley Davidson has that advantage since it is recognized globally. However, a change in the vehicle market can hurt them again if there is another economic crisis. During the process of expanding HD can consider luxury items that are on demand and consumers would purchase in order to keep growing.

Harley can consider attracting consumers that are interested in power sports. Their certain vehicles that can be considered such as ATV, snow, and water vehicles. They can expand globally not only in the U.S. to allow everyone experience the power of HD. Another option is for HD to customize a vehicle where it’s just four wheel and be able to use in the road or in a manufactory.

When it comes to a marketing strategy, the internet would do more by stimulating HD consumers with ads in or videos in YouTube, vimeo, or commercials. The audienece they are aiming for can be towards females between 25-35 years old that can show how they can use a small motorcycle to get to work. This is where HD is trying to attract both men and women in ads. Their also side-bars that web pages have with a link and video. This can benefit HD by attracting those searching the internet. You can be anywhere around the world and still see their ads and product.

If HD wants this strategy to work they must first gather all information provided in the internet to be able to target the right motorcycle riders. Keep in mind that this is from around the world. By obtaining this data this will help them expand their market. “This is a growing market but “existing research on motorcycle tourism is limited, restrictive, and fragmented, applying only to specific geographic areas or demographics or user groups” (Sykes & Kelly, 2014). When making this step it is important to reach out to the motorcyclists to make trips to the events HD can have and sharing them. This helps marketing be constant within consumers. It is important for our consumers/riders to share their experience and stories and connect with others at events.

Organizational Culture

When it comes to leadership, Harley Davidson has a business oriented team. Employees play a major role in the business culture of the organization. Their goal is to keep their customers and attract more. When having the same age ranges of employees this will help the organization succeed with the projects. Having the right team means having the right attributes to be in the team. Every employee must have the right attributes in order to achieve the goals desired with HD.

Their team members need to feel the need to expand and grown within the organization. Not only by receiving promotions but to grow with the company. The success will be for both not just HD. Each team member needs to feel the need to take HD the right direction and continue growing in different markets. Like I mentioned before having new inventions such as recreational sports vehicles can help HD continue growing in different industries.

However motivating the team will can be a challenge. In the process of creating teams it is important to have team players that are focused, energetic, and determination. Having an open environment where they can share ideas and thoughts is the main concept. Also allowing them to be creative play a major key to the success of HD. “Having an internal method to share accomplishments of the teams and team members shows that management understands that “one of the most effective ways to reward your employees is by simply recognizing their hard work and accomplishments” (Douth, 2013).

Organizational Design

By having different departments within their teams requires different types of stratifies. Not all strategies can work for all departments. Each department has their own goals and culture therefore all strategies will be different. For example the sales department must share all information openly to have successful sales strategies for all team members. When it comes to the marketing department they will need to constantly brainstorm to bring new ideas and expand the demographic audience/consumers. When it comes to engineering department they can work with the marketing department to get feedback and to have the



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