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Hamlet Case

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Caused by a lack of fit between people and task, problem number one is the result of the incompatibility of a job and the individual. Lacking skills and experience, Derek proves to be unsuitable for his position. The second problem is caused by a lack of fit between the organizational structure that neglects a performance appraisal system, and the people who perform poor work ethics. Caused by a lack of fit between organizational processes and task, the third problem is the result of employee tasks which require discipline from the organization.

These problems lead to The Garden Depot's identification of three main goals for the business. The first goal is to maintain efficiency with hardworking employees throughout the year. The second goal is to accurately trace the company's development with financial records, and important documents. The final goal is to offer customer satisfaction by completing more than 50 jobs per year.

From these problems and goals, the first action alternative is to fire Derek Sinclair and hire someone with more qualitative skills to achieve efficiency and proper management in the landscaping division. The other alternative is to form a performance appraisal system to evaluate employees and motivate them to work to their best abilities. The final alternative is to do an overall assessment of the troublesome landscaping division, and restructure accordingly.

After deep observation of the alternative actions, the recommendation that was conducted for the Garden Depot was to implement a full assessment to reconstruct the organization of the landscaping division. This was to recognize current and undiscovered problems and improve the company's efficiency and receive better work performance from employees. The implementation plan includes an immediate full assessment of the division, with the interview of all workers, and review of important documents. The costs involved are the labour costs of consulting clients, documentation of new regulations and training. Though change is expected, if improvements are not evident, further discussions of consultants and company will commence.



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