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Gun-Ball Rally Terms & Conditions of Entry

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Essay Preview: Gun-Ball Rally Terms & Conditions of Entry

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Gun-Ball Rally Terms & Conditions of Entry

How to enter the 2006 Gunball Rally

New Gun-Ballers

Please read the Terms and Conditions below. The form with details of yourself, your vehicle, and reasons why you wish to enter needs to be mailed to the Gunball HQ. If your entry form is completed successfully, you will receive the complete registration form to sign it and to send it back.

General Information


The 2006 Gun-Ball Rally (the "Event") takes place on Friday 23rd of June 2006 till Sunday 25th of June 2006.

The route

The Event follows a 4 stage, 1500km driving route that incorporates Germany and Austria.

Stage 1: DÑŒsseldorf - NÑŒrburg Ring

Stage 2: Two laps on the NÑŒrburgring

Stage 3: NÑŒrburg - Munich

Stage 4: Munich - KitzbÑŒhel

Stage 5: KitzbÑŒhel - Berlin


There are NO categories and the event is open to all makes, models and years of vehicle. Places are limited to just 40 cars, so we can't guarantee availability - but the more amazing or eccentric the car - the better the chance! Quantity of cars will be reviewed if the capabilities are reached. There might be a chance in enlarging the amount of places.

Registration days

Registration day for the event takes place during the day of Friday 23rd of June, in DÑŒsseldorf, where all participants will be required to sign-in and all vehicles will be parked on display and have the Events 'sponsors' decals applied. All vehicles must arrive to the Event clean and unbranded.

The schedule

Each day of the Event is very different in format, and you will often be driving for a varied amount of kilometres and hours. However, most days of the event follow the basic format of driving during the day and partying each night. The exact route and details of all destinations will only be issued upon arrival at the checkpoints.

Entry fee

The entry fee per vehicle based on one driver in the vehicle is Ђ499. Additional passengers and/or co-drivers pay a fee of Ђ149 per person, a maximum of two persons per car is permitted only. The entry fee for your vehicle and any additional fees for additional passengers and/or co-drivers are due and payable within dates specified by Gun -Ball i.G.

What the entry fee includes

The entry fee includes accommodation in luxuries 4 star hotels each night throughout Rally, until Sunday 25th of June. Throughout the Rally all drivers and co-drivers will share deluxe double/twin rooms to accommodate two (2) people.

Method of payment

The amount of money needs to be paid in full into the Gun-Ball bank account.

Account Details:

Philip Kaut


Account Nr: 2707841804

Branch Sort Code (BLZ): 30020900

IBAN: DE91300209002707841804


Terms and conditions of entry

General information

The 2006 Gun-Ball Rally (the "Event") is NOT a race or a competition. You must NOT compete in any manner with other participants. You must NOT place any bets of any kind in relation to the Event. You must drive safely and with proper courtesy to all other participants and members of the public.

Entry fee

The entry fee for the Event is Ђ499 which is based on one person per car. The entry fee covers yourself. If you wish to have additional passengers in your vehicle the fee is Ђ149 per additional passenger.

You are responsible for paying the entry fee for your vehicle plus any additional fees for any additional passengers in your vehicle. The entry fee for your vehicle and any additional fees for additional passengers and/or drivers are due and payable within dates specified by Gun-Ball i.G.. Failure to pay the full entry fee by the specified date will lead to either (at the Organiser's sole discretion) you being refused access to and participation in the Event and to you forfeiting such amounts of the entry fee that you have paid, or to you being liable to a late payment fee of Ђ100 in addition to the entry fee.


You must be over 18 years of age on the starting day of the rally in order to participate in the Event.


You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the Country in which you are travelling, including without limitation, all speed regulations, laws of the road, laws relating to the safety of your vehicle and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances.

You must participate in the Event in the vehicle you stated you would when completing the entry form. You will only be able to participate in another vehicle subject to the Organisers consent (which it is entitled to hold in its absolute discretion) and subject to the payment of an administration charge of Ђ100. If the Organiser does not consent to you participating in a different vehicle than the one you entered the Event with, you shall be refused access to and participation in the Event.

The person(s) entering the Event must participate in the Event. If for whatever reason you are unable to participate your entry place is not transferable in any circumstances whatsoever.

NB This clause has arisen due to the fact that we do not want participants entering the event in amazing super cars, only to appear at the start in rented Smart! This is not what we want.


Gunball i.G. (the "Organiser") accepts no responsibility for the consequences of you being refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from any



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