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Growth Horomone

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Growth hormone therapy uses a form of HGH to enhance a person's quality of life by reducing signs of aging and supporting the body's ability to produce and store human growth hormone in the pituitary gland. HGH is an endocrine hormone that is naturally released by the body, but as we age, less and less of it is released. Human growth hormone regulates all other hormone levels within the body, such as testosterone, estrogen, and melatonin.

HGH has many anti-aging properties, such as increased energy, quicker regeneration of body cells, better sex drive, and an overall elevated mood. It is also believed that growth hormone therapy improves the mind, sharpening memory and cognitive skills. Human growth hormone has been called the ultimate anti-ager, restoring mind and body to a youthful level.

It has been suggested that anyone over the age of 30 could benefit from growth hormone therapy. As we hit our late twenties, and into our early thirties, levels of HGH in our bodies begin to decline. As a result, we often feel tired, worn out, with little energy for activities we normally love to do. Sex drives diminish, memory is fuzzy, and all the aspects of youth begin to fade ever so slightly.

It is recommended that if you should decide to give growth hormone therapy a try, you do so only after consulting your doctor. Hgh has many advantages to it's use, but also comes with a set of side effects that can be mild to severe. Human growth hormone is not for everyone, and therefore the best road to take is the one that your physician prescribes specifically for you



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