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Gossip Case

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Being human makes it hard not to talk about other people, let alone being a high school student. We look at people, we judge and somehow we don't feel bad about it. I am new to Pullman High School, and being new is not particularly easy for anyone. You don't know names, you don't know where you classes are, and somehow people don't even really notice you. Coming from a place like Colfax I was looking forward to being in an entirely new school, I was excited that it was bigger, there was more diversity, and most of all people would be more accepting of individuality. Colfax hurt and scarred a lot of people they talk being you back and don't really care if you find out. I remember my freshman year there was a kid named Kyle Largent who was thought to be gay the whole time he went to school there. People talked about it based on the way he dressed and who he would hang out with. After being ridiculed, and picked on for four years, he came out. He and I have been very close since I was in middle school, and I know that he was not happy being here and was hurt most of the days he spent in the "hallowed halls" of Colfax High. No matter what the case, true or not, gossip is hurtful.

The reason this topic was pulled for this essay, was because in the play The Crucible we see people talk, we see people accuse, and we see people die. It sounds a lot like what goes on nowadays. The only real difference is that the deaths that happen in todays day and age are from bullying and humiliation, and are usually self inflicted. I hate being part of this generation, because of the fact that we can be so cruel and it seems like the people who cause these self destructions have no guilt at all afterwards. You look at characters like Abigail in this play, and after the complete mess she has caused she shows no sign of guilt. Don't get me wrong, it's not this way with everyone but even the ones who do feel bad, they stay quiet instead making themselves known.There is a lack of integrity in my generation and I want that to change. Ghandi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world", and that can't be anymore true.

How will we change this? The answer is we cant, when you want change, start with yourself and others will follow. I feel like there are two kinds of gossip, there is the kind that most people end up doing without even trying which can harmless, but then there is that form of gossip that takes things to extremes and are always harmful. We see these stories on the news, informing us that some teen took their own life, and we are almost becoming used to these occurrences. Thats where we need to draw the line and dig deep and ask "what am I going



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