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Gospel Essentials

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Name Jeremiah Muscan

Date April 29th, 2018

Course CWV-101

Instructor Valerie De La Torre

Gospel Essentials

Throughout this world people all have different Worldviews, and this is what makes up someone else’s morals and the way they live their life. The gospel of Christianity has so many important parts to it that make it so important to the faith and I will be discussing all those important parts of the Christian Worldview. The Christian Worldview is made up of so many key components and this paper is designed to show how the Christian Worldview sees God, Humanity, Jesus and Restoration, it will also analyze the Christian Worldview as well as a reflection of my personal Worldview.


        In the Christian Worldview God is perfect he’s perfect in every way you could imagine and million times more. Exodus 34: 5-7(NIV) reveals some of his many characteristics even more specific he is the most compassionate, gracious, and he is slow to anger with never ending love for his creation and his followers. He forgives countlessly over and over again even though human kind does not deserve it one bit. He forgives all sin despite of the rebellion and wickedness of the sin. God is so righteous, and he is love, we as humans can never come close to how perfect he is in every way. The Sovereignty of the creator is impossible to ever imagine. In the second week of the lecture it talks about Gods sovereignty. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth” (“Lecture 2,” 2017). God himself existed before he made his own creation and he made mankind in his own image and that is making him so sovereign in having totally supreme authority and powered over any and all things in existence. When he created humans in his own image he made them to have a relationship with him and have complete domino over everything. When God was creating his creation, he was doing it in a specific order, so he created light, heavens and water. The dry land came as such all the birds, fish and other animals that roam the land. Then he created the sun and the moon, and on his last day he created humans.


It is very important to note that when God created mankind he created It in his own image. So, Humanity is made in Gods own image and nothing else. God made us in his own image and He is love then we are able to love because of him (Wilson, S., w., 2017). Once sin was brought into all of humanity because of Adam’s and Eve’s decision then we are all sinful by nature. And once they ate from the tree that caused separation b between them and God. Humans are made in his image and share a lot of his attribute such as similar abilities to reason of seeking moral purity and spirituality, creative spirit for beauty and love. Humanity’s purpose is found out throughout the whole bible, but it is clearly to know and worship him by obeying the commands that he has set for his people and loving him and only him. God also intended for humankind to have rain and dominion over all his creation. The root cause of all problems begin as soon as the Fall of Adam and Eve ate from the tree and sinned against God was the ultimate work of rebellion that changed humanity.


Jesus’s true identity was revealed in the bible. John 8:31-59 talks about his true identify and his opponent’s identity. Jesus talks about his role in the family of God compared to the rest of humanity which is also enslaved to the sin of the world. Jesus is very unique in a way that he is the only one besides God himself who has freedom in God’s household and is able to offer that to the rest of the world. Jesus also talks about how he is the son of God. And the son is truth itself and so he is the way to the father and the freedom he is offering is also the union with God and is also the source of all true life. The theme that Jesus was always teaching is about the kingdom of God (James Merrick, Ch.5). Jesus’s identity is the trinity which is that God exists eternally in three different and that is God the son, God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. The church sees Jesus much more than a man and was God in a human form. And all Jesus teachings and actions are described as an outpouring of the absolute divine love of Father, Son and Spirit (Bauckham, R., 2010). Also, the worldview of Christianity expresses God’s nature as humble, just sacrificing by nature and in Jesus life he expressed God’s plan to save humanity using the wisdom, love and the representation of the power of God’s love. This is also the central to the Christian worldview because it allows Christians to identify the Christian God as a person being that we can have a deep and intimate relationship with. 1 john 4:8 “8whoever does not love does not know God, because God is Love.” This is so significant to this specific worldview due to the fact of the divinity of Jesus and how Jesus is such an intimate person we can always talk to and such a loving God that no matter what we he will always come back after us. This establishes the Christian worldview and centered at God’s life because everything in this world is his creation (Wisdom and Mercy of God, Ch.5).


         The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the most important thing to the Christian Worldview. It was on the cross that Jesus endured the pain and suffering of humanity’s sin of this world. The main role of faith was that the “inner transformation of the human heart toward love that enables a person to do good Selflessly.” Ch.6) also the role of grace, as the bible best explains it is that in Ephesians 2:8-9 “for it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not form yourself, it is the gift of God not by works, so that no one can boast.” Those things are the identity to the key to the Christian salvation. And the transformation of self and society for Christians is very clear in Romans 12 :2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” This shows that being a Christian isn’t an easy life, but it is the best life to live because people are going to try to tell you otherwise but living for God’s kingdom is the best kingdom there is to live for. This verse also shows Christians how to deal with the world’s obstacles and use it as guidance and understanding in this dark world that we exist in today.



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