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Gospel Essentials

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Gospel Essentials


In this composition, we will talk about Gospel Essentials, it will focus on the defining Christian worldview of God In addition we will explore viewpoints of humanity, Jesus, restoration and study of Christianity. We will conclude with a review of my reflection on the similarities between the Catholic and Christian worldview. The Christian worldview, unlike others, is not only completely clear but consistent when breaking down theological questions such as what is our purpose? Who or what created our universe? Is there an afterlife?

It is difficult for humans to ever fully understand God as his greatness is beyond comprehension. However, we do know about many different parts of God. The Old Testament fathers, prophets and Jesus all describe God in different parts of the gospel. Psalm 145 describes God also referred to as the Trinity, which includes God, the Son and the Holy Ghost or spirit, as righteousness, compassionate, faithful and mighty. God is the endless being who created all the matter in this universal. Our entire universe, outer space, all the planets; suns, moon, asteroids, stars and other celestial beings are a part of God’s miraculous creations. The creation narrative in Genesis focuses on the creation of the earth. The earth itself as well as all the plants and animals that inhabit earth are a part of God's creation. Humanity is often referred to as the pinnacle of creation. ("Origins")1 This is because God made humanity with purpose, free will and in his own image.

Human Nature

I believe that human nature has two main viewpoints of Christian Worldview. The main idea is that humans are created in Gods image, he made man to emulate him. The secondary concept is that man is flawed, we are by nature sinners. I feel this was clearly depicted as early on as Adam and Eve's actions in the Garden of Eden. Instead of believing in God and learning from him, they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God intended from humanity to know only goodness that is why he warned Adam and Eve in Genesis, not eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil or else they would die, but I believe God knew that Adam and Eve would create sin by their actions. I believe while he wanted them to be good like he does all his children, he knew what would happen when he told them it was forbidden.

Humanity purpose is to be in a unique and destined relationship with God that is supremely personal in nature. I don’t believe that it must be shared with anyone but God himself. Humans were also entrusted with and responsible for the earth itself, the plants and animals. God makes these destinies for people because he knows each one of us better than anyone and loves us, Luke 12:7 2 says, "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows"


Jesus walked among men and was crucified, he is the second part of the trinity, the Son of God the Father, the King of Heaven and the Savoir of all mankind. Jesus took a human form and while on earth he gathered disciples or followers. During this time, he taught and did good works for even the most demoralized and spurned citizens. Jesus ministered to people, nursed the sick fed the hungry and worked miracles. Eventually, Jesus allowed himself to be tortured and crucified to atone for the sin of man. Jesus rose from the dead three days after he was crucified proving to all that with him death can be conquered. Without Jesus Christ, there is no Christian worldview.


According to Christian worldview the resolution to civilization's difficulties lie in redemption through Jesus Christ. Christian salvation is solely based on faith in God and his Grace. Humanity needs to trust that Jesus Christ is their savior and the path to everlasting life. Sinners must confess ask forgiveness and prove they are worthy to enter heaven. Needing a savior means acknowledging that there is no amount of prayer, good works, sacraments or rituals that will guarantee salvation. God then grants salvation through his grace alone and not based on anything the person has done. Christianity teaches that people are not capable of being good enough, this is precisely why God sent Jesus to be the Savior of the world.  ("Rescue, Redemption and Renewal")3 No society can improve and get better if they do not have God to support them with his everlasting Grace. Christianity is a faith of continuous transformation of an individual’s growth and faith in Jesus and the trinity. To become saved they be reborn and then proceed to live in the emulation of God and to grow their spiritualism. As a born gain Christian, they could begin anew and live in the ways God intended


The Christian faith has long been a central and focal point as the instructions for life. It truly is a manual that solves real-world problems, delivers relief in times of need, teaches us on how to treat our neighbors and offers hope. On a purely practical level living under the tint of Christianity we have hope in knowing that we are no perfect and that its ok, that we can improve ourselves by changing our actions so that we can live lives closer to God.

There has been much debate over which religion is the better” religion to lead society into a better place. We as a Christian community regardless of your specifics need to truly only guard that it is us who chooses what to believe in, not your neighbor, your family, your friends or even the government.

The most troubling issue with Christianity is that it is difficult to measure or analyze the results of living a Christian life. Even with God's unconditional love and forgiveness there is still a gap between the ideals Christians aspire to live up to and what they are capable of. Economical grace is dangerous to the practitioner in



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