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Glogster Case

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The web application is a useful tool for teachers and students. Beyond the creation of a conventional digital poster (collage type for example) it's potential spread.

An important advantage is the ease of creating interactive posters and uses the platform. The importation of videos, images, text, hypertext and hyperlinks is done with an easy and playful way, making it manageable even by young students.

Besides the attractive nature of Glogster EDU which adds pedagogical value, the platform increases the technological literacy of students and supports the organization of thoughts and ideas. Students learn to use information and communication technologies (ICTs) and at the same time they are learning the subject for which they are asked to create the poster. The dual nature of this helps students develop skills related to ICTs and the establishment of the new knowledge.

Furthermore, although it is designed for users of the English language allows the use of a big variety of international languages such as Chinese, Greek etc., which assists the application in the classroom by users with different mother languages.

Important also is the option granted by sharing the glogs. The platform allows the posters to be visible - if desired - to all users. In this way, the posters can be shared in each classroom and can be used by any teacher or student, even if they are not the creators, promoting communication and collaboration among members. The publication of the glog, moreover is not limited only within the platform. It's easy to publish a glog in blogs (wordpress) and social networks (twitter, facebook, edmodo etc.) thus providing the opportunity to view a glog even non-users of the platform.

Moreover the platform gives the opportunity of direct feedback through the submitted comments and rating of the poster.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this web application can be used in all cognitive objects of the curriculum, with no restrictions on the age level of the students. For presentations / book reviews, to create lesson plans for even the body of the lesson in the situation where we have an interactive whiteboard.



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