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Global Warmings

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No I don’t think that the price of the gas should go up by 8 dollars per gallon. Because Gasoline, one of the main products refined from crude oil, accounts for just about 17 percent of the energy consumed in the United States. and the primary use for gasoline is in automobiles and light trucks. Gasoline also fuels boats, recreational vehicles, and various farm and other equipment.

There is a good reasons why the united states government shouldn’t make the price of the gasoline goes up. One reason is that not all the families in the Us have don’t a good income that will help them pay 8 dollars per gallon. Some of them, of have to pay for the medical insurance for there children. Others it’s so hard to pay for there kids college. Where others can’t afford there own food. So car is the only think that may help big families. But if the price of the gasoline goes up. There is a bad chance of keeping a family together.

At the same time. If the price of the gasoline goes up. The price of everything else will do up too. Like electricity bill will go up too. And some of the boats. In the shipping world uses gasoline now. So if we think of it that way . We are not going to be able to ship any thing outside of the united stated. Not only in the sea. But light trucks use the gasoline too. So it’s going to be hard to take shipments from land to land.

Also a lot of employee will lose there jobs. Specially the once who work at the gas stations. And others too. Because they all will need cars to drive to there jobs. And since the gasoline price went up. There will be a fewer car on the road. And that’s a sign of a poorness of that country even though if the economically the country is fine, but still something that we all have to think of. Should we be poor country in front of European countries?.

The bottom line is. The united states government should not make the price of the gasoline go up. Because if it does . The prices of other stuff will go too. Like the electricity bills etc… and also the prices of the food markets will go up too. Because the boats uses gasoline to ship food. And if that price will go up. There is a big chance people will starve in USA. And also the employees will lose there jobs too. So we have to think before the government makes



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