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Global Warming

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Global Warming

The global warming is bringing some good things and some bad things with it. Some people say global warming will help in lot of ways like in agriculture, decrease famine, and etc. and some say it will not be helpful and bring storm, disease, health problem etc. Nowadays global warming is on top of all major issues and people and government are doing their best to find ways to decrease global warming. The legislative branch of U.S. government had also passed lots of bill to help prevent global warming. There are also lots of debates going on in Congress about global warming. Scientist are researching and finding ways to slow the process of global warming.

The effects of global warming are beneficial to human health and other species of life on earth. “A warmer earth will result in lush forests, a decrease in climate-related disasters, increased food production, and a healthier human population” (Avery). This will help some poor countries like Africa, India, Mexico and etc., to come out of drought and poor nourishment. Global Warming will also raise the level of carbon dioxide and this will help make forests all over the world healthier and more robust. “The world’s ocean levels have been rising at approximately the same rate- 7 inches per century- for at least a thousand years.” “Data from the warming of 1900 to 1940 show a drop in sea levels and then a sea-level rise during the subsequent cooler period” (Avery). This means that the global warming is not going to affect so fast that we cannot take any action. It also shows that it will be helpful to humans and there health.

While some effects of global warming are beneficial, others are detrimental. The extreme weather events like deadly flood, sea waves, droughts, and storms are already wreaking havoc across the globe (Smith). Some countries like India, Italy and the U.S. have already experience this kind of extreme weather events. Global Warming is caused by a new kind of threat that climatologists are calling Extreme Weather Events (Smith). In 20th century a super storm hit Italy and ripped off roofs and snuffed out lights. It killed more than 200 people from Italy to the Netherlands. “The damage was worst in France where winds as high as 136 mph killed 79 people, uprooted 10,000 trees at Versailles Palace and caused $77 million in damage to French landmark including Notre Dame Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle” (Smith).

 The global warming caused by air pollution will not harm human health. “There is no evidence that future climate change, caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, will be harmful to human health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health levels have improved dramatically worldwide and will continue to improve in the future. The historical record shows that the human population is actually healthier during warm periods of time, so rather than adversely affecting human health, global warming is likely to be beneficial.”(Moore) Almost every organization says global warming is not harmful to human health. They also say that the only threat to human health is HIV/AIDS, a disease that has nothing to do with climate. “The WHO report identifies three global trends affecting health – none is global warming, economy, population growth and social developments” (Moore).

On the other hand global warming will harm human health in many ways. According to Kingsnorth, floods, heat waves, and hurricanes due to global warming are already affecting human health, injuring or killing thousands and leaving survivors to endure famine and malnutrition. The global warming is bringing diseases and famine with him and this is really harmful to human health. The direct effects of global warming are heat stroke, hypothermia and deaths or injuries resulting from tidal waves, floods, hurricanes etc. The indirect effects of global warming are subsequent changes in environment and ecosystem. “In 1998, heat-waves in India and the mid-USA killed over 4,000 people.” “One health problem that is likely to become much more widespread in the 21st century is that known by scientists as “thermal stress”- in everyday language, the effects of getting too hot or too cold, particularly during ever-more-frequent heat-waves and extreme winters” (Kingsnorth).



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