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Global Warming

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Global warming, by definition is the rise in the average temperature of earth's atmosphere and oceans. Since the late 19th century, earths mean surface temperature has increased by about 1.4 degrees F. Scientists are at least 90 % certain this has been caused, primarily, by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses produced by human activities. In addition to an increase in gasses, mans ever-growing need for material and space have lead him to consume large areas of forest and habitat leading to the planets inability to effectively recycle CO2 emissions easily.

One major concern for global warming comes from third world countries that may not fully understand their attempts to become e more modernized are in fact leading o the further destruction of our climate and habitat. Continuation in this line of thinking or global view, could have dire effects many years to come. It would be completely arrogant of us to consider this would be a future generations problem to deal with in the pursuit of developing a modern society.

Through humans use of fossil fuels, to power industry, provide electrical service, transportation and products we use on a daily basis. The use of these fuels emit large amounts of green house gas into the atmosphere. A problem compounding this is deforestation, land use or misuse, and agriculture. Removing trees, or green plants in general, slow the planets process of clearing CO2.

In addition, using land for disposal of waste produces methane as a byproduct of decomposition. This and raising of livestock produces large amount of methane, however, methane is more easily cleared than carbon dioxide. In recent years scientists have determined that our ozone layer is starting to improve due to discontinuation of the use of using products containing CFC's.

As an individual, one must have the desire to want to contribute to the minimizing of global warming. We must hold ourselves responsible for the up and coming future. In 10 years, the impact of just one person in reducing emissions, can mean there would be a better chance of our grandchildren living in a cleaner and better environment.

In the effort to control global warming, we must make some very important personal choices. One goal to maximize the contribution to cleaner and more sustainable environment is to try to live as mindfully and as low impact as one is able, reducing carbon footprints as much as one possibly



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