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Global Warming

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Global Warming is whenSuns Radiation enters our solar system in the form of light waves and heats up the earth some of the radiation that is absorbed and warms earth is re-radiated into the atmosphere/space in the form of infrared radiation and then some of the radiation becomes trapped by the greenhouse gases (CO2 and Methane) that accumulate in the outer atmosphere. Normally this is a good thing because it is essential for maintaining the earth's temperature within certain boundaries to keep it livable to its inhabitants. However the problem with this is that the amount of greenhouse gases and amount of escaped radiation is becoming more and more dangerously unbalanced. With more greenhouse gases and less escaped radiation the heat levels on earth are becoming record breaking highs and deteriorating the world on many fronts. Some things that are affect by global warming are ICE! Reflection, Animal extinction, Ocean Level, 75% World's Drinking water, If Greenland melts then 20ft water rise in the oceans would occur, If Antarctica melts then there is a 240ft sea level rise!, STORMS!, Warmer waters = bigger storms, (Heat waves, hurricanes, etc), And that is just to name a few

Here are some causes of green hose gases Since the industrial revolution the CO2 levels have increased dramatically from all the pollution emitted by factories, cars, electricity... even just flipping a light switch causes this problem to increase. Even when you breathe (though this is where the balance area has been) CO2 is emitted. However this is the most natural CO2 emission and the balance has been kept in check by the trees which absorb CO2 and replenish the oxygen levels in the same process. (And no deforesting does not help this)

The United States only has 25% of the world's population currently, yet we emit the highest level of CO2 into the atmosphere. (30.3% of the world's total).The biggest natural producers of this gas is cows. The way this is emitted is there flatulence tendencies... or their constant farting. Though this used to be kept in check along with CO2, the increase of the meat industry has bred an astronomical amount of cows which happen to be farting away. McDonalds, Burger King, and other fast food joints increase the breeding facilities everyday for the lovable bovine.



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