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Global Warming

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Essay Preview: Global Warming

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Conformity is something everyone tries to avoid. But no one can. As we pursue a life of non conformity it is inevitable that we all conform in some way. Eventually conformity falls on us all. When your not conforming to societies standards , you are ultimately going to conform to another person or anthother groups standards. You have to realize that your not the only one who decided to go against the grain and not conform. Even in the entertainment business. I will show you two rap MC's that appear to be non conformists. In my compilation of music, you can see for yourself how these two non conforming artist really do conform in some way.

"Jesus Walks" Not a common song title for a rapper. But a name use by kanye West a Chicago rapper. Who has revolutionized the industry with his own beats and rhymes. But has a different message for his audience. His raps about this song Jesus walkes, which is not the stereo typical rap message. Choosing not to rap about cars and girls. He has chosen to take a different approach. He brings and educated rap, that will change the industry forever. Kanye West is a non conformist, in his music.

In my first example of a non conformer. A Hip hop icon who was named 100 most influential people of the world in 2005. The non conforming artist Kanye West, has a song called "Jesus Walks." He raps about how much he needs Jesus. "God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down." Which is a great example of non conformity in this case. He is an artist that doesn't seem to care what the other majority of hip hop MC's are rapping about. And what is popular and what is most important to him rapping about Jesus isn't the most popular thing to rap about. But as said in these lines Kanye West is clearly a non-conformer.

So here go my single dog radio needs this.

They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus.

That means guns, sex, lies, videotape.

But if I talk about God my record wont get played. Huh?

Which is a perfect example of non conformity in hip hop music. Most rap and hip hop is often about being gaudy and showing off your money. And it often lacks some depth and meaning. But the passionate lyrics that he delivers is an example of non conformity.

However in the midst of Kanye's non conformities lyrics. However is does conform in some of his other music. Just has much as he doesn't conform in his lyrics he does in other songs. Well what he haven't talked about, is not only is Kanye West a non conformist, but some of his other rimes he is falling into conformity. Being stereo typically and rapping about how much money he has and what he drives, and showing off. The stereo typical rap lyrics that often lack depth and meaning.

I had a dream



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