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Global Warming

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Global warming is an overall increase in world temperatures that may be cause by additional heat being trapped by greenhouse gases. Scientists believe that global warming is cause because of the burning of the fossil fuels like oil and coal. They think that they cause greenhouse gases to escape into the air and that these gases are causing most of the warming. Another cause is deforestation; trees soak up carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gases from the air. Global warming can cause a chain reaction of things that happen to our world. It has already set a number of warning signs and will definitely leave long lasting and serious consequences later on. The three major consequences of global warming are: sea level rises, more powerful and dangerous hurricanes and ecosystems shift and many of the species die-off.

The current rates of sea level are expected to increase as a result of both thermal expansion of the oceans and of melting of mountain glaciers and the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps. The consequences of this include the loss of coastal wetlands and a greater risk of flooding coastal communities. One of the warning signs we can see is that the current pace of sea-level rise is three times the historical rate and appears to be increasing. The impact this consequence has on the future is that a lot of people will have to move away from the coasts because the sea level will become way too high. This will cause a definite over population in the other parts of the country that aren't found on the coasts.

Another major consequence of global warming is that more powerful and dangerous hurricanes. The warmer water in the oceans pumps more energy into the tropical storms, making them more intense and potentially more destructive. The hurricanes in today's societies are already bad enough, and they are causing millions of people to lose their homes and some even their lives. Imagining that these storms could get even worse is simply quite a terrifying thought. One of the waning signs we see now is that the number category 4 and 5 storm has greatly increased over the past 35 years, along with the ocean temperatures. The way that this consequence could cause an impact on the future is that it could destroy many parts of the world and could cause a possible destruction that would become damaged forever.

The last but certainly not least world consequence of global warming is that ecosystems will shift and many species will eventually die-off. The increase in global temperatures is expected to disrupt ecosystems and result



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