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Global Warming

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One major problem in today's world is

global warming. Global warming is the increase in the

overall temperature of the Earth's surface overtime.

Climate scientists, wildlife biologists, economists, chemists,

engineers and computer scientists all

work together to predict how the future

would be with the increase of global warming.

Some experts predict that the grass and trees

would be a deep green, the air would be clean

and crisp and vehicles would be powered by clean,

quiet-running fuel-cells and electric batteries

One of the main sources would be wind and solar power.

Other experts predict bad things. For example,

The air would be hazy and sour with pollution. The

grass would be spongy, and the sea level would have

by then risen dramatically worldwide. Some

cities would build seawalls, to prevent floods but

other cities, such as Indonesia, don't have enough

money to build seawalls. Scientists predict that tens

of millions of people would either die or become


Many things cause global warming. Some scientists

say that human actions are responsible , some say that other causes

lie behind the warming. One thing that causes

global warming is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are gases in the

Earth's atmosphere that collects heat from the sun. if there us

too much greenhouse gases in the sir, the earth's atmosphere will

trap too much heat and the Earth will get too hot.




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