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Global Warming - Spring Forward

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Spring Forward

Global warming is having an adverse effect on the relations among plants and animals within each of their ecosystems. Research proves that rising temperatures are altering relationships among species by weakening links of food chains and the fitness of some creatures to continue to live in their habitats. Research also shows that the changing climate at the end of the last ice age tore apart existing ecosystems and created new ones, leaving no haven for species that no longer fit in.

Due to global warming, parts of natural cycles and the gaps between a species and its food source are decreasing. Some scientist say that this could be because normal year to year fluctuations caused by various factors such as the availability of winter food any greater so far than the impact of warming. In a feeding system were timing is so important, if decoupling between links in the food chain continue to occur: it'll cause growing consequences because of the lack of food.

Another variation that is occurring due to the effects of global warming is what is called mismatching. Mismatching is when a species or groups of animals are no longer in complete sync with their food source, causing a decrease in that species. A match can refer to different kinds of relationships, such as temporal relationships between predator and prey. Matches usually require synchrony between disparate species; it is not unusual to see that climate change creates mismatches. Constant temperatures influence some species, furthermore others respond only to extremes, such as cold snaps. Species are now beginning to move out of their range due to global warming. Some species are starting to move their ranges further north, or to higher elevations, while the less nimble species are left behind. Communities that did not move in synchrony with the rising temperature, has caused an effect that may possibly cast out species that will no longer be able to fit.



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