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Global Warming - How Will It Affect You?

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Essay Preview: Global Warming - How Will It Affect You?

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Global Warming-How Will It Affect You?

Global warming is one of the last things on most people's minds. However, global warming is being discussed more and more, because scientists are realizing global warming does not benefit humans. Global warming does not benefit humans, because it is causing the amount of people with skin cancer to rise, ruining crops, and causing people to lose their homes.

One of the negative effects on humans due to global warming is skin cancer. Global warming is caused by a depletion of the ozone layer. This depletion causes more UVA and UVB rays to reach the earth's surface. The UVA and UVB rays are what cause skin cancer. Therefore, as global warming increases so will the amount of skin cancer. This is already evident today. The most fatal type of skin cancer is melanoma. Since 1981, melanoma has increased three percent per year. This dangerous increase will continue as long as global warming continues (Global).

Another negative effect of global warming is that it ruins crops. Global warming has caused the climate to change drastically. Areas that usually get a great deal of rain are now suffering from long lasting droughts. This has caused the number of crops grown to decrease so people now have less food (Experts). As long as global warming continues so will the climate changes. Some places will get more rain than usual, some will get less, and some will become warmer or colder. This will decrease the amount of crops available to humans.

The last bad effect due to global warming is that people are losing their homes. Global warming has caused the weather to become more severe. This more severe weather causes a good amount of property damage, and some people even lose their homes completely. A good example of this is 2005's record breaking hurricane season. There have never been that many hurricanes in one season (Hurricanes). Another reason people are losing their homes is because global warming is causing glaciers to melt and the sea level to rise. This then causes islands to flood, and the tribes that live there to lose their home. Also, people who farm have to move when the climate changes due to global warming so that they can find a better area to farm. So, anyone who relies on farming as a living may have to migrate more than one time to find a better area if the climate were to keep changing.

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