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How Humans Are Affecting Global Warming?

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Essay Preview: How Humans Are Affecting Global Warming?

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How Humans are Affecting Global Warming?


For the past few years the topic of “Global Warming” has been a very debatable topic and is affecting every human on Earth (2003. Weart). The term вЂ?global warming’ means the “overall increase in the Earth’s surface temperature” (Kovach and McGuire, 226). Global warming is considered to be a part of geography, because it is part of Earth and how people interacts with their environment (2003, Weart).

Global Warming is related to the environment, food and people in many ways; for instance, with environment, it is very clear to everyone how the temperatures are increasing annually (Kovach & McGuire, Motavalli, Philander, and Weart). Food, with the “rapid pace of population growth and pollutions, species are starting to decline and affected by the climate change” (2004, Motavalli, pg 100). Lastly, people, worldwide people from different places are affected by climate change, but how people are creating and reacting to such problem is very obvious (2004, Motavalli, pg 15, 17). Global Warming does not just affect one part of the Greater Toronto Area; the issue of Global Warming is a worldwide problem that everyone faces in different parts of the world. China, India and other parts of the world are also dealing with the increase of global temperature and water level rising (Kovach et. Al).

Global Warming is very important to everyone because worldwide people are feeling and seeing the man-made creation problem that people have created themselves (2003, Weart, pg 101). Nowadays people are really starting to feel and see the difference with the environment around them. For example, energy efficiency products that help reduce carbon dioxide are out everywhere for people to buy and this in effect causes individuals to shield themselves from reality(is this what u try to say) ( Philander and Weart). Indeed almost everyone on this planet is to be blamed for the increase in greenhouse gas emissions; such as, “burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, heat homes with oil, coal or gas, driving cars, natural gas stoves for cooking, and landfills release methane into the air as garbage decomposes” (2007, worldwatch).

This paper will talk about what the greenhouse effect is, how humans are affecting global warming (by their daily lifestyle, the way people consume and produce greenhouse gases from the past till present times), the cause and effects of global warming by and on human worldwide, and lastly, how people are responding to global warming.


The Greenhouse Effect is “caused by short wavelength radiation striking Earth’s surface and being converted to heat” (Kovach, 228). These greenhouse gases absorbs these wavelength radiation to prevent them from radiating back into space (2004, Kovach). Due to these gases, our planet is able maintain its surface temperature around 59ЛљF (15ЛљC) because without a stabilize temperature there will be no life on Earth (2004, Kovach).

The hunting and gathering society where people lived very ordinary by extracting resources from their surroundings without posing great threat to the environment has vanished (1991, Ponting, pg 18). Despite climate changes due to the ice age and other problems, the effects were minimal because the Earth itself was able to absorb the damage (Kovach and McGuire, 224). However, the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century propelled the population substantially, and slowly “the increase in pollution would threaten the Earth to cope with the damage (i changed the wording, not sure if u want it like that since its a quote, up to u)” (Kovach, 224). In the 19th century, people became aware that the average global temperature were increasing by 1.2˚F (0.6˚C) [Kovach, 224]. As a result of the gradual increase of greenhouse gas emissions, people were starting to talk about global warming. Up to the 20th century, many individuals realized that global warming was occuring. However, the effort in preventing or reducing greenhouse emission was minimal and consequently, conditions contiuned to deteriorate.. During this period, nations “dumped industrial and agricultural wastes in rivers and seas, accidents at nuclear power stations and creation of acid rain through release of sulfur dioxides and nitrous oxides by burning fossil fuels (Kovach, 224). As well, the introduction of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that exists in aerosol sprays, fridges and other appliances damges the ozone layer in the stratosphere. However, individuals were not aware of the the damage that they were creating and carried on with desertification and deforestation for economic activities (Kovach, 225). As time passes, the continuous effect of Global Warming still haunts us today. However, people are starting to realize the difference in the environment and heath-wise, which have led to drastic actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (Kovach et al.). Up until recent years, people are beginning to realize the problem of global warming that is affecting people worldwide, the innovations of energy efficient products to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions are advertise everywhere to let people aware of the problem, and to start making changes to the way they consume electricity (2004, Motavalli, 29).

As mentioned before, human activities through their lifestyle have created a major impact in increasing the level of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases worldwide, such as driving cars and using electricity. The problem with human activities on global warming is not just increasing greenhouse gases globally and annually, but also the effects on weather, economic, social, and environmental changes (Kovach et al). However the “two most fundamental consequences that global warming focuses on are 1.) Rise in sea level and 2.) The rise in



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