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Global Warming Fact Unfounded

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The topic of global warming is complex and controversial. There are many points agreeable with worldly environmental movements and virtually everybody agrees that the earth has warmed about half a degree since 20th century. The controversy revolves around the causes of earth warming, its effects, and whether the increasing global temperatures will get out of control. It is not realistic that the escalation will continue because the data that predicts such extremes are computer models which are inaccurate. This essay aims to explore the fact of global warming is unfounded because research indicate that global warming is a natural cycle.

Early research indicated that carbon dioxide as the driver of global warming, a fact that the earth has warmed over the last century. It is claimed that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere emanating from burning fossil fuels accelerate the rate of global warming . This is the radical view of global warming that calls for reduced use of fossil fuels to minimize the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In 1958 research indicated that there were 315 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and this level had increased to 385 parts per million fifty years later, about a 20 percent increase . Since carbon dioxide is referred to a greenhouse gas implying that it has the ability to absorb energy from sun radiation and radiate it back to the atmosphere as heat, thereby making the atmosphere to become warmer. This fact indicates that the earth warming has to increase with an increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This was not top be as there was report indicating that the earth cooled slightly after 1998 and the temperatures have continued to stabilize for the last 16 years . This is a fact that was demonstrated around 2008 that the atmosphere has cooled by a fall in a full degree Fahrenheit, and nonetheless, the levels of carbon dioxide have persistently on the rise. This is proving that there is no evidence that significantly support that carbon dioxide emission is directly related to global warming.

A recent work published by Spiegel



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