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George Washington Going up Against Andrew Jackson

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Essay Preview: George Washington Going up Against Andrew Jackson

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My elite eight group consists of George Washington going up against Andrew Jackson where Washington wins due to him being the first and one of the most if not the most iconic president who was able to set many precedents for the presidents that would follow. Abraham Lincoln goes up against Thomas Jefferson in where Lincoln wins due to him simply being the most impactful President to ever take office, most notably known for playing a large role in ending slavery. I had MLK going up against Alexander Hamilton and had MLK winning because of the sheer impact he had in ending inequality/discrimination against black people. FDR went up against Ulysses S. Grant and FDR won because of his efforts made to end the Great Depression.

My Final Four group consisted of Washington going up against Lincoln and MLK going up against FDR. Washington and Lincoln was most definitely unequivocally the hardest matchup to decide on as both Presidents were, in my opinion, the best two Presidents this country has ever had. However, Washington took home the crown due to the fact that he was the first President to ever lead this country and he lead by example, setting countless precedences. After his Presidency came to an end, he gave a farewell speech that reached out to the hearts of many Americans, making them feel comfortable for the next president to take charge. This perfect farewell was the thing that put him over the top as it was very endearing. With the MLK vs FDR matchup, FDR took it due to the lasting impact of his Great Depression programs and also how he made the American people feel safe with his speeches over the radio.

The final matchup of the bracket was between Washington and FDR and honestly when I thought of the final matchup, I believed that it would be a hard decision. However, Washington took it away easily, not because FDR wasn’t extraordinary in his own regard, but because the real final matchup should have been between Lincoln and Washington and since Washington won that match up by a sliver, he deserved to win it all regardless of the other side’s finalist.



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