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Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson

The seventh president of the united states was Andrew Jackson. He was born in South Carolina on march 15, 1767. He was born to Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchingson Jackson. His brothers were Hugh and Robert. His dad died in 1767. Andrew attended frontier schools and acquired the reputation of being a fiery-tempered and willing to fight all comers.( learned to read and was of ten called on by the community to read aloud the news from the Philadelphia papers. (

He was 13 years old when the American revolution started. He became an "orderly" messenger in the militia of South Carolina. ( his brother Hugh was killed but Robert and he were captured. They were out in a British prison in Comden ,South Carolina when smallpox broke out. Smallpox killed Robert but Andrews mom got him out. Andrews mom died right after the smallpox by helping nurse other American prisoners. He was 14 years old without any immediate family. With a 4300 inheritance from his grandpa he went to Charleston, South Carolina. He made a dashing figure in society until his money ran out. He was admitted to practice law in 1787. The next year he and a lawyer, John Mcnairy, crossed the Cumberland mountains.( They settled in the village of Nashville, Jackson quickly made a name for himself prosecuting debaters. He built up a successful law practice and engaged in land speculation.( married Rachel Donelson Robards. He had no children, but he adopted Rachels infant nephew. They also raised 3 other nephews as well as a native American boy whos parents had been killed in Jackson's campaign.

Andrew Jackson was also a soldier. He battled at Horseshoe bend. He took 2000 men against the upper creek. His soldiers were poor warriors and weren't equipped with food and supplies. He held it together by force of will after he let women and children cross the river he wiped out the creek forces. He also battled at the Battle of New Orleans. He was made a major general and was ordered to defend the early city against the city against British attacks. Jackson found the city defenseless. ( The British had a plan to surprise attack them but Jackson heard it that afternoon. He used their own attack against them. The British were thrown back 2000 casualties.

He lead an expedition to Florida to follow the Seminole people. Spain and Britain were incensed by Jacksons activities in Florida. Many members of the congress and several in the cabinet wished Jackson reprimanded and his action reputed. Only John Quincy Adams defended Jackson. Jacksons popularity increased from his Florida campaign.( It influenced Spain to sell Florida. He procured jobs for his friends. After 4 months of it he resigned and returned to his private life.

In 1822 "Junto, the Tennessee legislature nominated Jackson for president." in 1823 he was again elected, they again elected him to senate to give him a rational platform. He voted for internal affairs and for a high tariff on imported goods. He had a few political allies. His supporters had to seek help elect with a locking political base in congress they made a direct appeal in the people. Property votes were going to white men and electoral votes to the people. On February 9, 1825 the house elected Adams. Jacksons supporters accused them of making a "corrupt bargain".( He felt that he had an issue that would let him win. The campaign of 1828 began as soon as Adams was elected. He returned to Hermitage while his supporters campaigned



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