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George Bush

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Essay Preview: George Bush

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With a victory on November 1st, George Walker Bush earned the chance to pursue the domestic and foreign issues that he had been planning on accomplishing in his first term. With large amounts of ambitions comes large amounts of opposition unfortunately, and Bush faces an unfaltering Democratic blockade in the way of his programs. David Sanger in his article discusses and explains the Bush agenda for the next four years. Bush wished to continue his success in Iraq with elections for the public. Thankfully those elections were a resounding success. Now Bush is ready to tackle other issues in the middle east while repairing our relations with Europe. On the domestic front, Bush's main objective is the enacting of private social security accounts which will help the money of our younger generation grow and fill the void of a rapidly aging social security system. Bush went through the loss of some cabinet members in his transition to another four years, but has filled those spots with new staff that is ready to tackle the issues at hand.

Bush has a lot on his platter when it comes to proposals in his next term. Already he is trying his best to help Lebanon rid themselves of Syrian influence, having talks with Iran to discuss their nuclear program, and bringing North Korea back to the table for more talks. That would seem like enough work for one man, but George Bush is also pursuing a strategy of rejuvenating aging American programs such as social security. Some may say that Bush faces some roadblocks in his next term, yet the only problems that he faces come from Democrats that are playing the game of partisan politics. If Bush and company can make the case to the public and get them on board, then the public will force the Democrats to move on the issues.

Bush has moved quickly to get new members into the cabinet because he is eager to get new blood into the federal government and shoot to new heights. Some critics say that Bush is trying to replace the members quickly so that he doesn't look bad, that is not true. The shuffle-ups are good for the Bush team. Colin Powell's departure is a welcome change for Bush it would seem. Powell and Bush for the most part were not a great team. Bush's new secretary of state Condoleezza Rice seems so far to be a much more effective secretary of state than Powell.

The elections in Iraq were a huge success. These elections marked the second time that there



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