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Gaming Versus Real Life

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Addicted to Gaming versus Real Life 2013

Louella J. Muller-Edwards



Many people can be addicted to gaming; most don't think they can have a normal life, but there are things that co-exist with both. This is about the realization of what the gaming world and life have versus what the real world has. Most ask themselves and others if they can co-exist with each other and it can. Many also think if the gaming world is too addicting that one cannot focus on real life issues. The answer to that is: Yes. The reason is that one goes into a mental state of visual stimulation that the person starts to lose time.

With real, life most adults and young adults have a job. There are responsibilities that each person has to do. For example, one person can be a cashier at a grocery store, and the other could be a computer programmer. Each of these people has different life styles that could change their social life. This is also how they may fit in with certain social groups or society. Some may have families or they just might be single and working for themselves. Everything depends on which path each person has taken in their life. Children can be molded to have a professional manner with personal attention by the teacher based on one on one. As a child, they don't see the full responsibilities of life. They think that every day is a fun day. As they get older, they are taught to work by going to school and learning. So, this is a way of society teaching them as they grow up (with the help from parents) to have a more stable life style. With young teenagers, they already know there are certain things that can be expected of them. They know that they have to do chores, go to school, do homework to get good grades, and listen to (and follow) the rules. It is either by society or by parental guidance that helps the child and teenager morph to be a model of society.

The gaming side of things is something that everyone, in one way or another, has done at some point in life. There are Social Medias that have all sorts of gaming streaming from one site to another. For example, Facebook, it is a social plethora of games, recipes, and social interactions. People can play on different games that the main social media has allowed to be on their sites. You also have many games that have come a long way with gaming consoles. There is the Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. With all these types of gaming aspects that society has given everyone, it can lead to more problematic scenarios. For example, Fisher Price has come out with a new product that is geared towards infants to toddlers. Fisher Price has called this new item the Apptivity Seat. They claim with some of the applications (app) that it will help with eye tracking skills. It has many upset because it takes the infant's ability to learn and adapt to their social and comprehension feats. This will make it to where the baby would not be able to progress further than a child who is without one. Doctors have stated that it is not suggested for an infant or toddler (under the age of two) to be learning how to manage technology. Looking further into it, there can be damage; it can be seen that it can harm the growing child's eyes. The infants are developing their eye strength and even with adults, looking at a screen for so long can cause damage. It is one way to start a child young on the addiction to visual stimulations which leads to games and other things as they grow older.

What are the repercussions that a person can have if they are addicted to a game; if not, then how do they coincide with living life and gaming? For starters, they can game and have a normal work life and family. With addiction, there are many things that can impact a person's life. There are finances and families that can be harmed because of this addiction.



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