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Galapagos Islands

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North Seymour

North Seymour is a low flat island covered with bushy plants. Birds like this island because of all the bushy vegetation. The animals you can see on this island are : swallow tail gulls, fur sea lions, blue footed bobbies, yellow warblers, lava gulls (also known as dusty gulls) red billed tropic birds, Galapagos snakes, land iguanas, and, frigrate birds.

Hood island (Espanola)

This island has a rocky point that has one of the most impressive sea birds in the Galapagos. Along the south shore of the island there is high cliffs that rise up from the sea, where you can see many well-known birds and the famous blowhole. The water from the blowhole spouts up 50-17 feet into the air according to surf. While there you can see these animals: red billed tropic birds, swallowed tail gulls, sea lions, Galapagos doves, and ,sally light foot crabs. You can also swim at some of the excellent Galapagos island beaches.

Florena island (Charles)

Some great places to go while on this island consist of Punta cormorant , post office bay, and devils crown. Some animals you might see if you were to visit there are: fish, hammerhead sharks, pelicans, red billed tropic birds, and lava gulls.

South Plaza island

This is a pair of islands that has some of the most interesting wildlife in the Galapagos islands. Some animals you might see there are sea lions, Darwin finches, swallow tail gulls, tropic birds, petrels, land iguanas, lava lizards, and sandy light-foot crabs.

Santa Cruz island (Indafatigable)

Some interesting places to visit while you may be a tourist there would be Turtle cove, and, Puerto Ayora. Some animals you ,might see while you were there would be: sea turtles, white tipped sharks, oysters, spotted eagle and mustard rays, and, lava herons.

Daphine island

Daphine island is a rather large cove and that is lightly vegetated. Within two craters there are about a thousand blue footed Bobbie nests in season. Tropic birds soar over the top of these nest. The animals you would see while there might be: blue footed bobbies, masked bobbies, red billed tropic birds, swallow tailed gulls, and brown Noddies.

Bartolome island

This is a barren island. There are two visitor sites. One of the sites you are allowed to climb to the summit of the island. The other visitor site is to snorkel or swim in the base of Pinnacle rock. You could possibly see some marine life while visiting.

Isabella island (Albemarle)

Some places to visit on Isabella island are Tagus cove, Urbina bay, and Elizabeth bay. You could possibly see these animals if you were visiting the island are giant red mangroves, penguins, sea turtles pelicans, sea lions, lava herons, and rays.

Fernandina island (Narborough)

A place to see while on this island would be Punta Espinosa. It is a narrow spit piece of sand and lava rock that is the base of a volcano near the sea. while on this island you could see these animals hawks, blue footed bobbies, lava lizards, land and



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