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Forensic Science Expert Job

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Forensic Science can be defined as criminalistic science. In other words the scientific studies or investigation of crime can be termed as Forensic Science. Along with the development of science and technology the pattern of our society has also changed to cope with the day to day development. According the criminal also often uses different techniques for commission of various crimes within our society. So it has become a problem for the law enforcing agencies to check the potentiality of crimes. For such checking the need of forensic science becomes an essential prerequisite on the part of the investigative agencies.

Considering the necessity and importance of forensic science, Govt. of India has established a few forensic science in the different parts of our country. Similarly the Govt. of various states have also established some forensic science laboratories. In the same spirit, the Govt. of Assam have also established a forensic science laboratory at Guwahati.

Forensic Science Laboratory, Assam is a scientific institution under the Police Department established in the year 1967. This laboratory has been established in the pattern of an ideal forensic science laboratory, comprising eight important branches of science like Chemistry, Physics, Biology,Serology, Ballastics, Toxicology, Question Documents and Photography.

The operation of forensic science is nothing but the application of techniques and methods of basic science techniques and methods of basic science for various analysis of exhibits associated with crimes. Since its beginning the scientists of the Forensic Science Laboratory, Assam have been rendering invaluable service to the investigating agencies in various ways for the cause of justice.

The scientific examination of a forensic scientist adjoins a missing link or strengthens a weakly in the chain of investigation by furnishing an impartial and establish evidence, thereby helping the court to come to a conclusion regarding the criminals and their punishments. The field of study or examination of forensic scientist is very wide, diversible and unpredictable. Generally the duties and responsibilities of forensic scientist are very hazardous, onerous and risk bearing. Because they are to deal with the material exhibits pertaining to various nature of crimes such as murder, rape, blood, saliva, firearms, ammunitions, explosives, and explosives substances, liquor, hashish, opium, adulterated petrol, kerosene, diesel, etc. and other chemical vehicles involved in accidents, various types of paints. Weapons used in burglary, arson, etc. different types of poisons and poisons and poisonous substances, hair, skeletal remains and other plant or animal remnants. Apart from these, forensic scientists are also to examine the forged signatures and documents along with the photographic analysis of all materials exhibits. Any material exhibit encountered in the way of investigation needs to be thoroughly examined to prove or disprove its association a particular crime or criminal. Practically the forensic scientist are to examine the material exhibits connected with various nature of crimes covering all sections of I. P. C. and other relevant acts and laws of the land. Unlike other research and analytical materials, forensic scientists are required to work with limited quantity and amount of materials generally left behind or carried away by criminals.

For better collection of exhibits for various range of studies, forensic scientist are often summoned to the scene of crime so as to assist the investigation agencies in determining clue by means of scientific analysis.

So far I have discussed about the duties and roll of forensic scientists as a whole and in general. Now I will discuss about the roll and nature of forensic scientist of different branches in connection with their respective and specialised field of work.

Let us discuss first about the forensic physicist. Generally the material exhibits which are obtained at the scene of crime are examined by the scientist of this division. Besides comparative studies of various impressions and marks of tools etc. used in commission of crime are also made in this division. Determination of forced engine or chassis marks or restoration of an erased number upon metallic dates are also determined by the scientist of this division. Analysis of paints and glass articles, stamp impressions of forest authorities can be examined by these scientists to establish the facts for the determination of clues of commission of crimes and criminals.

Secondly the scientist of forensic chemistry are also equally busy determining clues of crime and detection of criminals by their various methods of analysis. For instance it is the forensic chemist who has to determine purity of petrol, diesel and kerosene from samples. They are also to determine the quality of liquor, opium, ganja and other chemicals, analysis of explosive and the like. From their various methods of analysis,



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