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Force Field Analysis

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(1) Use the Force Field Analysis or the Differentiation & Integration diagnostic

The Force Field Analysis would be a useful decision-making technique that would help Mr. Shapp in making a decision by analyzing the forces going against change that in this case. This will also improve the current management/leadership trends and will help them communicate the reasoning behind the owner's decisions. Employees will also be more likely to be dedicated and the work environment would improve. The Force Field Analysis Model "views organizational behavior not as a static pattern but as a dynamic balance of forces working in opposite directions. In any organizational situation, there are forces that push for change and forces that hinder change. The forces acting to keep the organization stable are called restraining forces; they put pressure on the organization not to change. Opposite forces, called driving forces, put pressure on the organization to change." (Brown, 2011) Below is an example in this case using the Force Field Analysis.

Restraining Forces Driving Forces

(Obstacles for change) (Positive forces for change)

Overbearing leadership style Self-Managed work teams

High turnover rate Building positive relationships, Managers/Supervisors Open communications

adjust to change Problem-solving techniques

Bureaucratic processes Streamlined processes

Confrontational labor and Dedicated employees

management relationship

(2) What OD consultant style would you recommend Peter Sneed adopt in this situation? Given what you know should Peter Sneed accept this offer of employment? Support your answer.

I would recommend that Peter Sneed us the consultant style known as the Pathfinder Style. The Pathfinder Style "seeks both a high degree of member satisfaction, believing that greater effectiveness is possible when all members are involved and problem solving is done through teamwork." (Brown, 2011) By utilizing this style, it will help to create communication and more employee involvement. This will help them move from the bureaucracies into the team-based organization they are looking for. This will help reduce the high turnover caused by the dull and monotonous work at the Johnson Engine company. It will also increase effectiveness allowing all the members to practice problem-solving skills together instead of the overbearing and aggressive style the current leadership seems to be utilizing.

(3) Given facts at Johnson Engine Company and considering the time-frame of the change, level of support and degree of discontinuity with the environment what large-scale OD intervention strategies would you recommend? Support your answer.

I would recommend using the large-scale OD intervention strategy focusing on the Behavioral Strategy. Behavioral Strategies "emphasizes the use of human resources. In the past, managers concentrated on fully analyzing an organization's technological and mechanical capacities, but often neglected a vast untapped resource: its human assets." (Brown, 2011) Placing emphasis on

the behavioral intervention will yield needed organizational change that is needed in a rather short amount of time. This will help improve the employee's morale, motivation, and will enable them to be more committed to the organization. I also feel that the Behavioral Intervention Style coexist with utilizing the Pathfinder Style. If Johnson Engine Company can improve employee relations; the company will begin to see needed changes to help it move forward. Human potential is unlimited and the company will see almost immediate results by focusing on this critical area first. The leaders and managers need to realize that the employees are their greatest assets, without them, the company will falter.

(4) Given the culture described at Johnson Engine Company. Apply the Strategy-Culture Matrix discussed in the text what implementing strategies would you select? Support your answer.

"The strategy-culture matrix provides one model that can be used to access the readiness of a corporate culture for strategic changes. A growing body of research indicates that culture affects strategy formulation and implementation, as well as the organization's ability to achieve a high level of corporate excellence." (Brown, 2011) Johnson Engine Company needs to understand that implementing changes can be done easier if they consider the culture of the organization.



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