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Five Good Relevant Websites for My Academic Success

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Essay Preview: Five Good Relevant Websites for My Academic Success

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5 Relevant Websites

Five good relevant websites for my academic success that helped me a lot are:

College Board: They have profiles that can help you decide what you might be interested in with school and a career. They also post every score from an ACT or SAT that the student has taken. They also offer to send your test scores to five schools of your choice for free. After the first five you have to pay for any schools added on to the list. College Board also tell students about which schools offer the program they are interested in and how close the school is. I have been using college board for 7 years and I enjoy it very much.

CFNC: Stands for College Foundation of North Carolina, most high schools set out days for students to make accounts so they can have access to the information offered. CFNC has a lot of the same things as College Board; there are profiles that can be taken and they give you access to colleges websites and applications. What CFNC does do that College Board can not, is send your official transcript to any college you choose. I used this tool when applying to Wake Tech and also Durham Tech; it is much easier and faster than sending it through the mail. CFNC is something I believe will be around for a very long time helping students.

Wake Tech Edu. Programs: Before I applied to Durham Tech I was thinking about attending Wake Technical Community college. I also attended one of their information sessions on Dental Hygiene. While in the session we were taught how to use their websites for information on what program interested us. They had how much that career paid and how common the job was. They also had what daily activities were done while in that field.

Durham Tech student services: This helps a lot not only as a student at Durham tech but just anybody searching for information. They give list of scholarships offered and what programs they offer. There is also a calendar for upcoming school events, this is good for students that have so much going on they just need some fun or something different to do. The website is also a portal that helps students find their email, web advisor and there is even a chat box for if you just have a question for the library. I thought that was a very neat and cool tool, instead of calling and asking or looking everywhere for how long books can be checked out. I just



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