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Fiori Di Como

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Fiori Di Como

The artist of this piece of work is Dale Chihuly. He was assisted by over 100 people – glass blowers, architects and more- to create and install more than 2,000 pieces of glass. Chihuly finished this art work only having one eye and being somewhat crippled. The contemporary sculpture was created in 1998 in Washington State but now in the ceiling of the Bellagio. He created this sculpture in a happy time in his life, Chihuly has suffered from depression his whole life. The meaning behind the name is Flowers of Como which is a city in Italy. Artist Dale Chihuly has pieces in more than 200 museum collections worldwide and has won countless awards, including ten honorary doctorates. The Fiori di Como is his largest sculpture to date. It two years to complete.

The size of this piece is very large 2100 square feet of blown glass. Although the flowers look delicate and light it weighs over 40,000 pounds. The glass has transparent qualities and some petals overlap creating an assortment of colors. He uses mostly primary colors but some secondary colors can be noticed too. Mostly red, blue and yellow is used. Each flower is dark in the middle just like natural flowers. He also added ripples to the edges. The texture of the glass is smooth probably cold to the touch. Every angle you look at the sculpture is different. Many people lay on the floor to take it all in.

The Bellagio is famous for its elegance and this piece works perfect. The botanical gardens just add value to the sculpture and brings the audience into it. Nature is joyful and peaceful which Chihuly brings inside. It encourages guest to come explore the hotel with the bright colors and puts customers in a good mood.



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