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Final Project User Manual

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Before operating a bus, you must first always perform a pretrip. A pretrip is when you drive the bus and make sure that all the essentials and in the bus perform to its best abilities. A routine is necessary for your routes so that you can be aware of what your route consists of.

Federal Guidelines вЂ" According to Guideline 17 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “School bus drivers should be required to perform daily pre-trip inspections of their vehicle, and safety equipment thereon (especially fire extinguishers), and to report promptly in writing any problems discovered that may affect the safety of the vehicle’s operation or result in its mechanical breakdown.”

After all daily routes are completed you must fill out a report (inspection) reporting any problems or faults so that the service department can repair your bus before the next trip.


Vehicle Inspection Guide

These things are important whan performing a pretrip inspection:

• Proper operating condition

• Buzzers go off when engine istrnedon

• No exit is blocked

• All lights operate properly

• Mirrors are clear

• Turn signals are working

• Parking brakes are working

Hazard Alerts

Always use parking brakes when leaving the bus.

Always turn off the engine when leaving the bus.

Keep tobacco, flames, sparkes, and all other ignition sources away from batteries. Gas is flammable!

Changing of tires should be done by professionals only.

Do not operate bus if there is a loss of steering.

Keep away from exhaust system, fuel system, power steering system, and electrical system.

Never add gasoline to diesel. It can cause an extreme fire.

Always start engine in neutral and always have the brake applied when doing so.

Operate bus in open spaces (outside) because of hazardous compounds.

Do not operate bus over maximum speed. No sudden accelerations!

Always turn on hazard flashers when in an emergency situation to warn others of your situation.


Pre-Trip Inspection

Each driver should complete the following check list daily. If a problem is present,the driver should write their bus up.

- Oil, gas,& water leaks under bus

- Windshield & dash lights for visibility

- Front



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