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Final Lesson Plan

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Essay Preview: Final Lesson Plan

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Final Lesson Plan

Topic: How to provide correct bend while walking and trotting a circle.

Goal/Objective: By the end of the lesson, the student should be able to perform a circle at a trot and walk while the horse is in correct bend.


1) Student

2) Horse

3) All western tack and grooming materials.

4) Arena

Explanation: We will start by allowing the student to walk and trot a circle however they currently do. We will review correct body position at the walk and trot and then will go over correct bend during walking and trotting a circle.

Demonstration: I will demonstrate by explaining the correct body position as well as correct rein position so the horse will be on correct bend during the circle. I will demonstrate this unmounted. This may include putting the student in the correct body position so they can feel what is correct.

Application: We will first practice correct body position at the walk and trot and then will follow this with correct rein position while doing a circle at a walk and trot. We will do this at both a left and right circle. At times I may need to demonstrate what I am asking both mounted and unmounted so the student can see what I am asking.

Evaluation: I will have the student do a left and right circle at both the walk and the trot to see if the student can demonstrate the horse at the correct bend. This will allow me to see if the students understands correct position and bend.



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