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Film Review of Just Married

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Essay Preview: Film Review of Just Married

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Film Review of Just Married

Shawn Levy's romantic comedy was a number one hit in America in 2003. Many people fell for the film's mismatched lead couple and the obvious humor. Ashton Kucher and Brittany Murphy take the cake in this outrageous hit comedy! Sarah is a happy-go-lucky rich girl whose prominent meddling family is as snobby as they get. Tom is a hope-to-get-lucky party guy who prefers sports and bars over anything else. Somehow the two opposites attract creating sidesplitting fun when these two young newlyweds embark on their perfectly planned honeymoon with disastrous and hilarious results.

Sarah (Brittany Murphy) and Tom (Ashton Kutcher) meet cutely on the beach. He tosses a football that bonks her on the head and she falls over, surprise, surprise. As he leans over her, their well-matched eyes lock, they smile, and next thing you know, they're in a bar, slurping beers and playing pool. This is the their courting stage. Next thing you know, they're having sex while her dog, the one who flies out the window later, barks all night. Shortly after that, they've moved in together and are getting married. All this happens without either of them thinking much about the future. Tom and Sarah bluster their way through "for better or for worse", like a pig through table scraps. Tom Leezak and his wife Sarah return from their Honeymoon in Europe ready for a divorce. The time away from their families has been an absolute disaster, starting with them getting chucked out of a five star castle hotel in Switzerland for overloading the electrical system with a wedding present, and both Sarah kissing and Tom almost sleeping with other people. In Sarah's case, it was her ex Peter (Christian Kane). Everyone told them they’re too young to get married, but nobody told them that they’re too stupid.

Back at home, Tom and Sarah begin to realize how much they truly love each other, but can they get past the nightmare of their honeymoon? Particularly when Sarah’s arrogant parents (David Rasche and Veronica Cartwright) are so delighted that their daughter isn’t with a loser like Tom anymore. Both Ashton Kucher and Brittany Murphy are gifted comic actors in their own way, and they made the most of the script that writer Sam Harper threw their way. Unfortunately, neither Tom nor Sarah are particularly likable or sympathetic. For example, during a few days in glorious Venice, Tom abandons his lovely wife to spend the afternoon watching an LA Dodgers



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