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Film Review: Tyler Perry's "why Did I Get Married?"

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Essay Preview: Film Review: Tyler Perry's "why Did I Get Married?"

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Why Did I Get Married?, - the newest film from writer/director/producer/star Tyler Perry - follows four married couples during an annual weeklong reunion, where they discuss marital issues and counseling exercises.

This story within a story begins with Janet Jackson's character, Patricia, promoting her best-selling new book based on the relationships of her above-mentioned friends. As the story unfolds, and Jackson recounts the events of that vacation, these relationships unfold as well; rocky marriages crumble in the Rocky Mountain resort where the film takes place.

Yet, despite the constant applause and cries of "You go, girl!" during the showing of this film, Why Did I Get Married lacks many of the elements that comprise a film worthy of such accolade.

Although aimed at the predominantly African-American audience already fans of Perry's previous works (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea's Family Reunion) the film's themes and characters were all too stereotypical, and ultimately predictable.

The strained marriages between the chauvinistic and adulterous pig (wonderfully played by Richard T. Jones, one of the film's few bright spots) and the insecure wife he says is too fat; as well as the ex-pro football player and the loud-mouthed, finger-snapping, alcoholic wife are painfully stereotypical of the African-American race.

Perry's characters lack depth in such a way that the arguments and relationships between them become forced and detached. The overweight wife, Sheila (Jill Scott), lacks so much of the outward emotion that one would expect from a woman in her situation. Her constant blank stares - along with those from most of the other characters for that matter - eventually became distracting.

Underlying themes that might require a little attention and thought in other films came through like a 9-iron to the forehead in Why Did I Get Married? Perry's inescapable Christian morals, such as redemption through religion and the Lord, made the film seem like televangelist propaganda at times.

All things said, and still being a comedy overall, there were plenty laughs to be had. But one couldn't help notice chuckling at the characters more often than with them.



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