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Fight Club

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Hey Dave

How about relating them to fight club by talking about

the underside to

consumerism e.g. there's consumption but then there's

waste. Here's some


* Commodities - judge yourself on what you own not who

you are - the ikea

thing as the space he inhabits and his identity is

owned by the catalogue

* Waste - 1) the fat they steal from that medical


2) Tyler peeing in soup (can't remember

whether that's book or


Therefore, with consumer culture there's this constant

cycle of consumption

and waste. An interesting idea, though i'm ot sure

that it's relevant is

that Tyler acts as a representative between

consumption and waste as he

reuses it (the peeing and fat to make soap!!!) Cool


Anyway here's the link to Warhol!!

Andy Warhol's work in fact turns centrally around

commodification with the

billboard images of Coca Cola or the Campbell's soup

can. However, unlike

earlier modernist artists whose work screams out

meaning and depth of

interpretation, Warhol's does not. Instead, Warhol

offers a deathly quality

to his art. The external coloured surface of his works

when stripped away

reveals the deathly black and white photographic

negative . In a nut shell

his work lacks depth as does the whole commodification

issue in postmodern

america underneath the glossy adverts and posters lies

a blank. What

something looks like is more important than what it


Therefore, the link could be aesthetics over meaning.

The narrator in Fight




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