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Fast Food Case

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In today's society most people especially young students prefer to eat fast food such as pizza, hamburgers, fried food and sandwiches. With the popularity of fast food rising, it has come to question whether it tastes better or whether it is just faster and cheaper. Taste is not the sole reason for this popularity. There are numerous more important reasons for why fast food had become popular over the years; it is cheap, quick and convenient for students who have a busy life. However, with fast food also come negative effects, such as obesity, diabetes, risk of food poisoning, and lazy lifestyles.

One of the most common reasons for eating fast food, is that is quick and convenient for students who lead busy lives. Students often do not have time to cook at home; as a result, they prefer to eat at restaurants or caf├ęs, since it is quick and simple. Time is one of the most valuable things in someone's life, and since fast food does not require a lot of time to make, it is served quickly, thus is convenient. For example, McDonalds, Pizza hut and, Burger king, not only serve food fast, but have developed drive through cabinets, to save people even more time, by not having to move from their cars in order to get their meal.

Price is as important as rapidity and convenience, after all economy affects everyone. One of the other main reasons students repeatedly consume fast food is because of its low price. With the increased consumption of fast food, inexpensive places have settled in strategic places, in proximity of schools and in student neighborhoods. The reason why fast food places can afford selling that type of food at low prices, is because of the low quality of the raw material used to produce them. Additionally these places rely on selling large quantity with small profit, rather than quality food. A student that recently moved from Brazil to Canada stated: "I had to find something inexpensive in Toronto's downtown streets, Soon these hotdogs became part of my daily meals"(Mairon Giovani, Bastos Lima, 2008). This shows how price plays a big role in the choice students make upon purchase.

Having a low budget, students are more and more consuming pizzas and burgers, without thinking of the possible effects that this diet may have on their health and life style.

In order to generate large quantities of foods that are sufficient for many days of continuous work and production,



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