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Family Guy: Model Misbehavior

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Essay Preview: Family Guy: Model Misbehavior

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The List for Saturday 3/4/17, 10 PM to 12 AM

[AS] may contain mature material some viewers may not find suitable

“Family Guy: Model Misbehavior”

AS birds just looking around on a rock with melody playing.

AS promo for next Saturdays premieres with BM “Green Day”

“Family Guy: Model Misbehavior”

AS mountains with snow with piano BM

AS promo commercial for new episode of Bob’s Burgers

AS people skiing and going back and forth fast forward with piano BM

AS moose walking, with [AS] embedded in a red moon while it’s moving with piano BM

Mature Content Warning

“Family Guy: Peter’s Got Woods”

AS promo commercial for Dragon ball Super theme song BM

AS thanking the viewers for submitting shows they would like to watch piano BM

AS commercial sealing dumb baby in a cave, comes out 30 years later

AS promo commercial Bob’s Burgers air dates

“Family Guy: Peter’s Got Woods”

AS promo for Rick and Morty new episodes premiering

AS Bump Next Saturday show line up

AS logo in lighthouse with piano BM

AS commercial return of Samuri Jack new season

“Dragon Ball Super: Sorry for the Wait, Beerus Sama. The Super Saiyan God Is Finally Born! / Thanks for Waiting, Lord Beerus! A Super Saiyan God is Born At Last!”

AS San Francisco bridge with hardcore rock BM

AS Promo for Sundays shows

AS clouds moving with rock BM

AS jokes about people moving to Canada techno BM

“Dragon Ball Super: Sorry for the Wait, Beerus Sama. The Super Saiyan God Is Finally Born! / Thanks for Waiting, Lord Beerus! A Super Saiyan God is Born At Last!”

AS two awkward looking characters playing tennis and passing out

AS promo for Dragon Ball Z Kai Up Next

 AS science thing with balls

AS Adrenaline Rush with hardcore BM

“Dragon Ball Z Kai: The junior champ is finally decided! Who will fight mr. satan?

AS Bump lineup for rest of the night

AS promo for Boondocks up next

AS bump joking on sending your information to them calling themselves not an identity theft in a joking manner

AS bump dungeons and dragons

“Dragon Ball Z Kai: The junior champ is finally decided! Who will fight mr. satan?

AS bump facts on what bears can do

AS promo for Robot Chicken clip

AS promo commercial for music

The Analysis

Family Guy Model Misbehavior: During a visit with her parents, Lois recalls her teenage aspirations to be a model, which her father stopped her from doing. Later the Griffins compete in a boat race against her parents and win by removing most of their clothes and pushing Meg off. Lois begins modeling and becomes very successful. Peter is proud of her at first, but he soon becomes jealous of the lust she inspires in other men. Fed up with Peter's envy, Lois rebels by taking diet pills and staying out all night at parties. Desperate to get her out of the fashion world, Peter collaborates with Lois’ father Carter to get her back. They kidnap her at a Vogue party, while she and another model are using their ribs for Xylophones. They gag Lois, carry her into the car, tie her up and bring her back to the Griffins' house, where Carter demands that Lois quit her modeling career. Seeing his wife’s passion for modeling, Peter soon acquiesces to Lois, insisting to Carter that it is her right to model if she chooses, and that they have no right to interfere with her happiness. Carter shouts that no child of his has the right to feel happy, but Peter knocks him out with a punch for giving him a book last Christmas. Realizing that she has the freedom to fulfill her wishes, Lois decides to quit modeling after all. Peter and Lois then decide to annoy Carter by having sex on top of him. Carter revives and acts with immediate disgust, but Peter calmly knocks him unconscious with a lamp.

Meanwhile, Stewie starts a pyramid scheme business called Ca$hscam. Brian learns he has worms and does not want to tell Lois and Peter because of the latter's inability to be discreet with private matters. Stewie gives Brian the money he needs and Brian works for Stewie until he can pay him back. Stewie is shown to be working with the Cookie Monster and Grover. Eventually, Brian gets fed up with Stewie's pretense that Ca$hscam is a real company. Stewie fires Brian and warns him not to "come back and shoot up the place."

Family Guy Peter’s Got Woods: Lois asks Peter to go to a PTA meeting in her place; Peter asks Brian to go in his place. Brian reluctantly attends, but he falls in love with one of Meg's teachers named Shauna Parks, who is black. They go out on a date, and Brian, attempting to win her over, suggests changing the name of James Woods Regional High School to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Shauna likes Brian's idea, and the board holds a meeting to consider the name change. However Peter is a James Woods fan and sees through the trick. He tries to protest the idea but Brian denies the fact that he is doing it for love and not to really honor the Civil Rights movement. As a James Woods fan, Peter brings James Woods himself to the school during the name-changing to sabotage the effort.

Woods permits them to change the name and impressed by his humbleness, the school reinstates the name to the James Woods Regional High School. Brian gets furious with Peter for sabotaging the attempt to change the name of the high school and continues his denial of just wanting to impress his girlfriend and her race. However, Peter exposes Brian and points out the ruse by saying that Brian could have named it after Ronald Reagan rather than anybody from the Civil Rights movement. In reply to this Brian and Peter end their friendship.



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