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Expression Through Music

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Expression through Music

Music genres are distinctively categorized by the tone and feel of the lyrics they portray. Three popular types of music are rap, pop, and country. These three genres have been competing on the American Billboard charts for years which show the respect they have earned from their loyal listeners. Each genre has created a strong base because its characteristics are determined by the artists themselves and are an artwork of personal and musical expression. This is an influential factor in developing fan support and some genres have followers of all ages and backgrounds whereas others tend to appeal to a certain group.

One genre of popular music is rap. Rap is defined as poems with a musical background. They are quick paced songs mainly used for dancing. The topics in rap songs are of partying, money, and sometimes a lyrical expression of pain. Rap is mainly listened to by teenagers and college students because this type of music is played at clubs or parties where younger generations spend their free time. The topics that rap music speaks about in their lyrics many adults believe are inappropriate. Younger generations tend to look at rap music as an expression of feelings and a story that they can relate to and understand. It is a time in many young people’s lives where they are uncertain about their future and question previous experiences. This leads them to the rap genre because they are able to find an outlet for their feelings that can sometimes have unpredictable repercussions. Like the erratic feelings young people can experience Rap music has an irregular structure and can be formatted in many ways. They are typically written by the performer and are a personal account of a feeling or event which gives the song a powerful vibe.

Another genre of popular music is pop. Pop is defined as music of general appeal to teenagers with rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love. They are songs with a danceable beat, uncomplicated melodies, and repetitive organization. The topics in pop music tend to be emotional and deal with young love, loss, dancing, and having fun. Pop is mainly listened to by a younger generation of pre-teenager and teenage girls. The low-keyed subject matter of boys, first love, and having slumber parties is exactly the mindset of a young girl. This genre focuses on the experiences of becoming a young women and taps into the feelings and ways of expression that relate to a younger generation of females. It is mainly high spirited and does not include any unsuitable language. Girls are more likely to relate to the topics that this genre touches upon because it is not masculine enough for the male population. Pop has a set structure of a verse and a chorus, as well as a bridge that connects them in many songs. These songs are



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