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Examination Day

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We live in a world where are given voice to speak for ourselves, we have every rights to stand up for ourselves and we are free to do anything we want to do but what if someone snatch everything away from you? what if your world is fully controlled by the government, any decision they make can't be questioned by anyone so in order to prevent people from seeking revolution the smart ones must executed, Would you want to be part of that world? If not, then you don’t want to end up in the world of Henry Slesar’s Examination Day.

The”Examination Day” short text mainly focused on a twelve-year old boy named Dickie Jordan who takes a government intelligence exam to see how smart he is but he was not the only one, it seemed like all kids had to take this random exam. Dickie has huge expectations for this exam, but feels sudden boundary between his parents, like they are keeping something from him. At the beginning of the short story creates a bit of tension,The Jordans never spoken of the exam,“ creates suspicion towards the reason why, what made this exam special or different towards other exams.

Dickie had a limitless curiosity which made him question about everything around him but he never found any answers,when he asked his dad question ‘Why did it have to rain today?’, ‘Why couldn’t it rain tomorrow?’ His father simply replied to his question with ‘Because it just did, that’s all. Rain makes the grass grow.’ ‘Why, Dad?’ ‘Because it does, that’s all’. ‘What makes it green, though? The grass?’‘Nobody knows,’ his father snapped, then immediately regretted his abruptness. Here we can see the nature of the human beings, even though the grown ups aren't smart enough to question things but the young ones seems to be the threat to the government. They are born with the ability think for themselves. We can see that Dickie is a smart one among them and his anger and the reader also implies that the parents are not that bright. he didn't have the answers for his question which indicates the Stupidity of the people from Dickie’s world and how much the government have control over the Citizens. Well this is ur papa *

When Dickie asked his parents about the Examination day, his mother looked at the tablecloth. ‘It’s just a sort of Government Intelligence test they give children at the age of twelve. You’ll be taking it next week. It’s nothing to worry about.’ and ‘Good luck, son,’ his father said, without looking at him. ‘I’ll call for you when the test is over.’ This shows the parents are worried because they knew that Dickie is smart and will exceed in the test so that's why they are afraid and hope that he get them wrong.

Finally the examination day arrived, the day that Dickie been waiting for. Dickie was taken to a room to take the exam and he procedure in which the government wants the patient to take a truth serum, so that every question was answered truthfully, Inside the room was very dim which represents the amount of information they know about the world and current government. Also in Dickie’s eyes, the room doesn’t look inviting or welcoming even if it was examination room. Although Dickie could not really see the gray-tunicked attendant he knew that this was a very serious



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